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What does it mean to stone cold stunner someone?

What does it mean to stone cold stunner someone?

Freebase. Stunner. A stunner is a common term in professional wrestling referring to the seated three-quarter facelock jawbreaker maneuver, predominantly used by Stone Cold Steve Austin and named for his Stone Cold Stunner finisher.

Is the diamond cutter the same as the RKO?

What is the RKO?: It is a variation of the Diamond Cutter (From Diamond Dallas Page) and the Stunner (From Stone Cold Steve Austin). The movement was originally created in the 80s by Johnny Ace (being called “Ace Crusher”).

What comes out of Randy Orton mouth?

At TLC 2020, Orton set the Fiend ablaze in their insane Firefly Inferno match. Footage of Alexa Bliss sitting within a pentagram flashed and the feed cut back to Orton. The Viper coughed and gagged a black liquid, which might resemble blood, poured out of his mouth.

Does the RKO hurt?

RKO – RANDY ORTON Honestly, the RKO doesn’t strike me as hurting that much (compared to the Stone Cold Stunner, which could concuss you with the chin-on-shoulder contact), but there’s some legal stipulation somewhere that no writer can pen a WWE finishers piece without including one of these.

How do you do Stone Cold Stunner?

“You have to time it [taking a Stunner], it’s not a hard move to take. [Steve] Austin grabs your head and sits on his butt, and when you go down you have to hit your chin off his shoulder and then jump up real fast and take a ‘neck-steep’ plunge onto the mat. It’s a lot of fun to take.

Who used the stunner first?

Steve Austin
More Articles. A Stunner is a common term in wrestling referring to the three-quarter facelock jawbreaker giving a stunner to Vince McMahon, Jr. maneuver, predominantly used by Stone Cold Steve Austin, but originally invented by Mikey Whipwreck, who dubbed it Whipper-Snapper.

Who did the Diamond Cutter WWE?

Diamond Dallas Page
Diamond Dallas Page Passes the Diamond Cutter Down to Current AEW Wrestler. Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter was unquestionably one of the best finishers in all of WCW back in the late 90s.

Why is Randy ortons wife mad at Alexa bliss?

Kim Marie Orton, Randy’s wife, tweeted the following to Alexa after the match, declaring her frustrations over how things went down during the Fastlane 2021 co-main-event match. Previously, it was thought that Kim was going kayfabe in creating this whole anger thing over her husband’s loss.

Is Randy Orton coming back?

Published 9th August 2021. Randy Orton is coming back to Monday Night RAW. The Viper hasn’t competed on RAW since being defeated by John Morrison in a Money In The Bank qualifying match on June 21st. While Riddle has remained a fixture on the red brand, Randy Orton has continued to be conspicuous by his absence.