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Are Shih Tzus easy to take care of?

Are Shih Tzus easy to take care of?

As mentioned, Shih Tzus can be a little stubborn, making them difficult to house train. As long as you are patient, consistent and do not let accidents slide, it is definitely possible. Be sure to not leave them unsupervised until they are fully trained.

Do and don’ts for Shih Tzu?

And the top 3 don’ts are: Don’t let your Shih Tzu eat food additives or fillers. Don’t give unfiltered tap water….The top 3 dos for Shih Tzu puppies and dogs are:

  • Do provide daily moderate exercise.
  • Do have your Shih Tzu wear a harness when on a leash.
  • Do stay on top of your Shih Tzu’s oral health.

Can Shih Tzu be left alone all day?

Most Shih Tzu dogs will do fine being left alone for short periods of time. Dog Walkers will pick up your dog and take him or her on a walk in the middle of the day. Dog Day Care facilities provide care at their facility for your dog to stay and play with other dogs or just rest knowing that there are people nearby.

What do I need to know about owning a Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzus have long, flowing coats, which require daily brushing and maintenance to avoid tangles and matting. Health: Shih Tzus are generally a healthy breed with a life span of 12 to 14 years. Like all purebreds, however, there may be some health issues, like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and eye disease.

Are Shih Tzu hard to potty train?

Shih Tzus are friendly, social lapdogs who are less prone to excessive barking than other small dog breeds. They are also, however, notoriously stubborn and difficult to housebreak. The key to proper Shih Tzu training is consistency, gentleness and a basic understanding of dog behavior.

What is the best age to buy a Shih Tzu?

Of those states, all but 3 require that the puppy be at least 8 weeks old. If weaning were our only requirement, the puppies would be ready at 8 weeks old for their forever homes. However, I believe that our jobs as responsible breeders have just begun when puppies reach the age of eight weeks!

What’s the best way to care for a Shih Tzu?

Tips: if you are grooming your Shih Tzu yourself, make the grooming process something fun and rewarding for your Shih Tzu. Get them used to it from a young age and make it something for them to look forward to. Frequently handle their paws, ears and tail to prevent them from gaining sensitivities overtime.

What kind of food does a Shih Tzu eat?

Some premium brands that carry the best Shih Tzu food include Royal Canin (which has a breed-specific line of Shih Tzu food), Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild. As purely a companion breed, a Shih Tzu is not an outside dog, by any stretch.

Can a Shih Tzu be exercised in hot weather?

Regardless of age, no Shih Tzu shouldn’t be exercised too hard in hot weather. This breed is brachycephalic, meaning it has a short nose that doesn’t cool air the way other, longer-nosed dogs can; this makes Shih Tzus prone to heat exhaustion–so owners are advised not to do too much Shih Tzu exercise in sweltering temps.

Is it necessary to cut a Shih Tzu’s hair?

Click on another answer to find the right one… Shih Tzu coats must be kept long to protect the dog’s skin. Nope! Unless you plan on entering your Shih Tzu in dog shows, letting its hair grow long is unnecessary. Ask your groomer for a puppy cut, which keeps the coat short.