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How old was Matt Damon in the first Bourne movie?

How old was Matt Damon in the first Bourne movie?

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Actor Age then Died?
Matt Damon 32 No
Franka Potente 28 No
Chris Cooper 51 No
Clive Owen 38 No

How old was Matt Damon in 8s?

Damon has also performed voice-over work in both animated and documentary films, and has established two production companies with Affleck….

Matt Damon
Born Matthew Paige Damon October 8, 1970 Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
Alma mater Harvard University (no degree)

Who is Matt Damons wife?

Luciana Barrosom. 2005
Matt Damon/Wife

Does Matt Damon have a brother?

Kyle Damon
Matt Damon/Brothers

Was Matt Damon a Loki?

In “Ragnarok” a scene features a stage play being done in Asgard looking back on Loki’s life, Damon and Hemsworth give cameos playing actors during a Loki death scene. Damon is Loki while Hemsworth (brother of Chris, who actually plays Thor in the movies), plays Thor.

What was Matt Damon in?


Year Title Role
1997 The Rainmaker Rudy Baylor
Good Will Hunting Will Hunting
1998 Saving Private Ryan Private James Francis Ryan
Rounders Mike McDermott

Who is the best friend of Ben Affleck?

Matt Damon
Ben Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon has shared his thoughts on Bennifer 2.0.

How Matt Damon met his wife?

How and when did Matt Damon meet his wife Luciana? Barroso met the Golden Globe winner in 2003 while she was working as a bartender in Miami. Damon was in town filming the comedy Stuck on You when he and the crew ended up in her bar one night.

What’s Ben Affleck’s net worth?

According to Cosmopolitan, Affleck has reportedly collected eight-figure pay cheques for his The Last Duel and Hypnotic – both films have not been released yet. His estimated net worth, as per Celebrity Net Worth, is up to US$150 million.

Why did Matt Damon turn down avatar?

Damon turned down “Avatar” largely because he didn’t want to leave the “Jason Bourne” movie series hanging, but despite the astounding amount of money the decision caused him to miss out on, he doesn’t seem to be overly worried about it, and treated it as a funny story rather than a true grievance.

Is Matt Damon replacing Loki?

Damon appeared in the movie as Loki in Loki’s play, and it was revealed earlier this year that he would be reprising his role again in Thor: Love and Thunder. We may be getting Damon back in Thor: Love and Thunder, but sadly, Hiddleston recently confirmed that he’s not in the fourth Thor film.