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Will LPS popular ever finish?

Will LPS popular ever finish?

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular is a LPS teen-drama series created by LPSTuber SophieGTV. Popular is still an ongoing show, and currently has two seasons and 29 episodes.

When did LPS popular start?

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular

Name: Littlest Pet Shop: Popular
Abbreviation(s): LPS: Popular, LPS Popular
Creator: SophieGTV
Date(s): Jul 15, 2010 – Jan 18, 2019

How old was SophieGTV when she started LPS popular?

14 years old
Im going to be talking about SophieGTV, the wonderful girl who gave us the amzing series LPS Popular. Sophie started her channel in 2008, when she was 14 years old. Sophie was born Canada, she now has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. She started making the videos as a way to entertain her little brother.

Who is the most popular LPSTuber?

Top Favorite LPSTuber

  • Alice LPS (2nd PLACE!)
  • LPS Emily (WINNER!)
  • LPShannah (3rd PLACE!)
  • Lps Honey.
  • LPSskittles.
  • myLPSpetworld.
  • PawesomeTV.

What happens at the end of LPS popular?

Brooke calls her mother, only to find out that she doesn’t care for Gigi, and tells her to stop calling while she is at work. Brooke then realizes what she’s done; Gigi had ran away because of her. The ending clip then shows Tom standing near the Eiffel Tower in France.

How old is Sophiegtv?

22 years old
Personal Life. Sophie is 22 years old and currently attends university.

Why did they discontinue LPS?

Roger Eschbacher, a writer for the animated series, announced the cancellation on his website on Saturday. He revealed that Hasbro had decided to pull the plug on the series, and he said it had something to do with toy sales. It was not a case of low ratings.

What is the most expensive LPS toy?

The most expensive pet by far is the Comic Con Cat. I have sold this one several times over and make money on ebay selling these for hundreds of dollars. Right now, there’s some on there that have sold for a lot of money! The asking price was $950!

How old is SophieGTV?

How did LPS popular end?