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Will a dropped object hit the ground before a projectile?

Will a dropped object hit the ground before a projectile?

As I said, projectile motion consists of two components, horizontal and vertical, that are independent of one another. That means that if you drop a ball and throw another one straight out, they will both hit the ground at the same time.

Will a dropped object and a launched object hit the ground at the same time?

The correct answer is the last one: the two will hit the ground at the exact same time. This is because gravity accelerates all objects equally, even if one object is heavier than the other.

Which will hit the ground first an object dropped or an object launched horizontally?

If the ball is thrown exactly horizontally, then it will hit the ground at the same time as the dropped one – but it will a lot further away from the thrower.

How do you determine when a projectile will hit the ground?

Determine the height above or below the landing point that the projectile is launched from. For example, if the projectile is launched off a 40 foot high cliff, the height would be 40 feet. Double the time if the height the projectile is launched from is equal to the level that it will land at.

Which object will hit the ground first?

Heaver objects fall faster. If you drop a heavy and light object together, the heavy one will get to the ground first. This is trick question. I remember in physics that everything falls the same.

Which ball if either will hit the ground first?

So, back to the bowling ball and the feather: The reason the bowling ball reaches the ground first is because air resistance has a bigger impact on the feather as it falls. That air resistance slows the feather down while not having much of an impact at all on the bowling ball.

How long will it take a projectile to hit the ground?

It takes about 88 seconds for the cannonball to reach its maximum height (ignoring air resistance). You have 176 seconds, or 2 minutes and 56 seconds, until the cannonball destroys the cannon that fired it.