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Why does JEM go back for his pants at the end of Chapter 6?

Why does JEM go back for his pants at the end of Chapter 6?

Jem goes back to retrieve his pants because he regrets the circumstances around the loss of his pants and because feels he has outgrown whippings.

How does Jem plan to get his pants back?

Jem loses his pants when they get stuck in a fence on the Radley property as they are feeling from Nathan Radley shooting at them. When jem returned later that night to get his pants they had been untangles from the fence, sewn (very poorly), and folded and hung on the fence as if they were waiting for him.

What new information do we get about the night Jem lost his pants?

Jem had been unusually quiet about his late night excursion to the Radley house to retrieve his lost pants. But he finally opened up to Scout, confessing that when he returned to the Radley property, he found his pants waiting for him folded upon the fence–freshly stitched in a “crooked” manner.

Why did Jem have to go back for his pants?

Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Jem had to go back for his pants because the lie Dill told to Atticus didn’t involve his pants being destroyed, only lost. He said he had lost them in “strip poker.”

What happens to JEMS pants in to kill a Mockingbird?

During their escape, Jem’s pants get caught in the Radley fence, and he is forced to leave them behind. Later that night, Jem decides that he has to go back to retrieve his pants because he fears that he will let his father down if Atticus finds out he was the one sneaking around in the Radley’s yard.

Why does JEM want to go back to the Radleys?

Jem knows he has got to go back and get his pants, or it will be discovered that he went against Atticus’ orders to leave the Radleys alone. He tells Scout that he doesn’t want to disappoint Atticus and get a whipping for going against Atticus’ wishes.

Why do Jem and Dill want to see Boo?

Despite being warned by Atticus to leave Boo Radley alone and to stop “tormenting” him, Jem and Dill just can’t let go of their curiosity and obsession with seeing Boo.