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Why do cotton balls fall slowly?

Why do cotton balls fall slowly?

Cotton balls fall more slowly than rocks in most situations. Evidently air resistance slows the cotton ball more than the rock. We suggest that its effect is greater because the cotton ball is lighter.

What forces act on a falling object?

Falling objects The weight of the object – this is a force acting downwards, caused by the Earth’s gravitational field acting on the object’s mass . Air resistance – this is a frictional force acting in the opposite direction to the movement of the object.

What 3 forces act on a meteor?

(c) When the meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere, three forces act on the meteor. Gravity and upthrust are two of these forces. Give the name of the other force….

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Do heavier objects fall faster Galileo?

It was in the nature of falling, said Aristotle, that heavy objects seek their natural place faster than light ones — that heavy objects fall faster. Galileo took an interest in rates of fall when he was about 26 years old and a math teacher at the University of Pisa.

Why do people use wool to make clothes?

Felted wool becomes a single large piece of material, like cotton that has been woven on a loom. This felted wool is used to create wool pants like you would use for hunting. Wool clothing keeps you warm even when it gets wet, so it’s a valuable clothing material.

What to do with wool for needle felting?

We take this wool and run it through a picker. (a tool that pulls the fiber apart) I ball up the wool and put it in nylon stockings. I throw them in the washing machine with some soap.

How do you make a sheet of cloth?

If you want to make your cotton thread into a sheet of cloth, you need to use a weaving loom. These are much larger than spinning wheels, and they take many lengths of thin cotton thread and mesh them together at different angles before pushing it tightly all together so that they make one seamless piece of cloth.

Can you spin cotton thread into a sheet?

There are different thicknesses that you can spin the cotton thread into. You can spin very fine thread to use later for weaving, or you can spin it into a slightly thicker thread to use for knitting and crocheting. If you want to make your cotton thread into a sheet of cloth, you need to use a weaving loom.