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Why did Willie Parker retire?

Why did Willie Parker retire?

This is where the story takes an unfortunate turn, as Parker suffered a leg injury on the one and only carry of the night. The injury shelved Parker for the rest of the season, and sadly, Parker was never the same for the remainder of his career.

Who was Jerome Bettis back up?

He spent the 2004 NFL season as a backup player behind Jerome Bettis, Duce Staley and Verron Haynes. During the 2004 season, he had his most impressive game in week 17 at Buffalo. Duce Staley started the game and played most of the first quarter, while Parker took over for the rest of the game.

Who does James Conner play for in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals#6 / Running back
James Conner/Current teams

At 26, Conner is now a fifth-year NFL veteran who will be playing his home games outside of Heinz Field for the first time since 2012. After signing with Arizona as a free agent during the offseason, Conner is set to open his first season with the Cardinals on Sunday at 1 p.m. when they visit the Tennessee Titans.

Did Willie Parker retire as a Steeler?

LATROBE, PA (WECT) – Clinton’s Willie Parker officially retired from football tonight, and he did it with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Parker returned to training camp to call it a career, retiring with the organization that he was with for six years.

How old is Willie Parker?

40 years (11 November 1980)
Willie Parker/Age

How tall is Willie Parker?

1,78 m
Willie Parker/Height

Who did the Steelers trade for Jerome Bettis?

Louis Rams
On April 20, 1996, day one of the NFL draft, the Steelers acquired Bettis from the St. Louis Rams and a third-round pick in exchange for the Steelers second-round pick and a 1997 fourth-round selection. The Rams had just drafted running back Lawrence Phillips with the sixth overall pick.

Did Larry Fitzgerald retire?

Larry Fitzgerald isn’t retired — at least, he isn’t saying he is. But while recording his new Sirius XM show with Jim Gray called “Let’s Go,” he said on Friday he wasn’t planning on playing right now either, and that he doesn’t have the “urge” to don the uniform.

What team is JJ Watt on?

Arizona Cardinals#99 / Defensive end
J.J. Watt/Current teams

Where did Willie Parker go to college?

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Willie Parker/College

When did Willie Parker join the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In a loss to the Longhorns, Willie was only able to gain 15 yards on two carriers. Parker was an undrafted free agent with the Steelers in 2004. While at UNC, Parker displayed great speed, but little vision, resulting in inconsistent play which led to him being benched in favor of Ronnie McGill during his senior year.

When did Willie Parker have his broken leg?

Parker led the league in rushing yardage at the time of his injury. Coming off of his broken leg near the end of the 2007 campaign, there were questions surrounding Willie Parker’s ability to recover.

How many carries did Willie Parker have in one game?

Parker also became the only Steelers running back to have two 200+ yard games in the same year. Parker played in (and started) all 16 regular season games. He compiled 1,494 yards on 337 carries (4.4 average) with 13 rushing touchdowns. He also had 12 runs of 20+ yards.

Who is the only Steelers running back to have two 200 yard games?

The record was previously held by John “Frenchy” Fuqua. Parker also became the only Steelers running back to have two 200+ yard games in the same year. Parker played in (and started) all 16 regular season games.