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Why are the Magi no longer at ease when they return to their kingdoms?

Why are the Magi no longer at ease when they return to their kingdoms?

When he returns to his home country, Nigeria, he feels culturally displaced. He is “no longer at ease” among his countrymen, with their religion and their way of life.

What is the significance of the Journey of the Magi?

Journey of the Magi is a poem that explores the journey the wise men took when following the star to Bethlehem where the Christ child was born. It is a metaphorical poem, representing both birth and death, renewal and spiritual rebirth.

What is the meaning of no longer at ease?

In one sense, the title suggests something pretty obvious – someone once felt comfortable and is now feeling uneasy. And actually, once you get into the novel, you find out that this quick assessment is accurate. The title reflects the discomfort felt by the main character, Obi Okonkwo.

What difficulties do the Magi face as they undertake a long journey What significance does Eliot attach to the journey?

The hardships of the journey, the hostility of the place and the moral degeneration of the people led the wise men to regret for leaving behind their pleasure palaces with the silken girls bringing sherbet. Their mind’s tongue also whispered that their endeavour was all folly-At evening they reached the place of birth.

What did the Magi find at the end of their journey?

Ultimately, this resignation is explained in the final stanza. The speaker asks rhetorically if the magi had been led all that way—and through such hardship—for “birth or death.” He acknowledges that there was a birth (in that they did find the baby Jesus), but “death” is perhaps the more revealing word here.

What was the weather like during journey of Magi?

Though talk of the temperature peters out by the time the poem winds to a close, weather is the star of the show in the first part of the Magus’s story. And it’s pretty miserable weather indeed—frigid and slushy (remember, it’s nearly Christmas, in the most literal sense of the term).

Who is Mr Green in no longer at ease?

Green is representative of the white, European presence in Africa that resulted from the spread of England’s empire and its colonial hold on Nigeria. He is an arrogant man, who believes that the African is “corrupt through and through” and that it is the British who have brought Africans civilization and education.

What is the genre of no longer at ease?

No Longer at Ease/Genres

What difficulties did the Magi not face on their journey?

The negative attitude of the native compelled the Magi to travel only in the night time. So they lost most their sleep and when they slept in snatches, they were haunted by nightmares and strange ‘voices’ which warned them that they were heading for a futile end.

What are the hardship suffered by Magi?

The poem, ‘Journey of the Magi’ opens with the nativity sermon of Lancelot Andrews preached in 1622 which describes the hardships Magi faced due to deep ways, sharp weather, meeting snow and hostile conditions which were hard to combat : ‘ A cold coming we had of it/ Just the worst time of the year’ in ‘the very dead …

How is Obi characterized?

Initially, Obi is depicted as a positive man with good intentions, but he is later portrayed as a stubborn, unsympathetic individual. Achebe portrays Obi’s outspoken personality and depicts how he condemns the older, less educated men in his field. Achebe also portrays Obi’s affinity for modernity through his comments.

What is the importance of the relationship between Clara and Obi?

Clara and Obi’s relationship is important because it gives a picture of the real Obi. Through his experiences with Clara, we learn things about Obi’s character, we see his ability to manipulate others.

What happens at the end of the journey of the Magi?

The comments on the last lines – where the Magi realises that the birth of this new God overthrows his whole belief system (“our death”) – leads to him wishing for death, as it ends the pain experienced by witnessing this new birth. His is a religion “clutching their Gods”.

Why was the poem Journey of the Magi written?

“Journey of the Magi” is a deeply allegorical poem about the pain of spiritual rebirth. It’s worth noting, before looking at the poem directly, that it was written after Eliot himself had just experienced a dramatic conversion to the Anglican faith, which informed all of his poetry that came after.

How did Eliot adapt the journey of the Magi?

Eliot adapts Andrewes’s discussion of the magi’s arduous journey by switching the pronoun from third-person to first-person plural, setting up the rest of the poem’s dramatic monologue. The quote makes it clear from the beginning that the journey of the magi is not a cheery tale, but rather one of hardship and spiritual skepticism.

Who are the Three Wise Men in journey of the Magi?

Accordingly, though the poem is an allegorical dramatic monologue that inhabits the voice of one the magi (the three wise men who visit the infant Jesus), it’s also generally considered to be a deeply personal poem.