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Who wrote the book Slam?

Who wrote the book Slam?

Walter Dean Myers

What is Slam by Nick Hornby about?

Hornby’s novels tend to be about men who are essentially boys. “Slam” is a portrait of a prickly and interesting boy who is forced to become, very quickly, a man. Hornby’s narrator, Sam, is 16 and lives for skateboarding.

When was the book slam published?

October 16, 2007
Slam/Originally published

How does Sam break up with Alicia?

However, one time Sam and Alicia try having sex not wearing protection. Sam knows that due to him having sex with Alicia without a condom, she might be pregnant. He’s just not ready to be a father. After a while, Sam gets bored of his relationship and decides to break up.

What is in slam book?

What’s a slam book? It’s a mixture of a diary, a blog, and passing notes. Slam books are tons of fun if both people really get into it!

Why is the book slam called Slam?

It was called a “slam book.” The format of the slam book was simple enough. At the top of each page, the name of a student was written in large letters.

How many pages are in slam by Walter Dean Myers?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780545055741
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 65,959
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 12 – 17 Years

Who are the characters in Slam?

Slam Characters

  • Sam Jones. Our sixteen-year-old leading guy is just like any other high school kid.
  • Alicia Burns. Sam’s gal pal and baby momma wants to be a model…
  • Annie Jones (Sam’s Mom)
  • Andrea and Robert Burns.
  • Rufus a.k.a. Roof Jones.
  • Mark.
  • Dave Jones.
  • Sam’s Friends: Rubbish and Rabbit.

Is Sam in the society actually deaf?

The Society deaf character Sam Eliot (played by Sean Berdy) has become a favourite character of many fans of the Netflix series. Sean Berdy is deaf in real life and has spoken extensively about the importance of representing the hearing-impaired community in series like The Society.

Are Grizz and Sam together?

Grizz admits to Sam that he is gay, but that he has spent so long pretending to be straight that he sometimes doesn’t even remember. Whilst they sleep together, Becca Gelb attempts to contact Sam. Grizz and Sam kiss and promise to see one another again.

Why it is called slam book?

Etymology: Named “slam book” because when a teacher would come near, the book would be slammed shut and covered with homework, papers, or other appropriate camouflage.

What is the purpose of slam book?

A notebook, passed between students, for writing gossip or opinions. (Internet) An online guestbook of this kind, where each visitor is invited to write personal replies to a set of questions.

How old is Sam in the book Slam?

From the writer most noted for writing books about men that haven’t really grown up, comes a book about a boy that has to grow up! 16 year old Sam, skateboarder and son of a lone mother, is without a care in the world, when he has his world turned upside down and adulthood forced upon him.

What kind of book is Slam by Nick Hornby?

The good news about Nick Hornby’s first young adult novel, “Slam,” is that it’s not so different from — indeed, it can be read right alongside — the rest of his sly and laid-back oeuvre. Hornby’s novels tend to be about men who are essentially boys. “Slam” is a portrait of a prickly and interesting boy who is forced to become, very quickly, a man.

Is the book Slam based on a true story?

The book has a Fantasy element: The protagonist repeatedly has prophetic dreams in which he is projected months or years forward into his future, finding himself in a radically different life situation and having to piece out how his life has changed (or is going to change) – without letting the people around his future self notice his ignorance.

Who are the main characters in the book Slam?

2.5 stars. This book was okay, but only okay. Slam is the story of Sam, a sixteen-year-old boy totally obsessed with skateboarding and the pro skater, Tony Hawk. Sam meets Alicia at a party and they quickly start seeing each other and almost as quickly stop seeing each other.