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Who were the winners in the 1996 Olympics?

Who were the winners in the 1996 Olympics?


Event Gold Silver
Men’s 50 metre freestyle Alexander Popov Russia Gary Hall, Jr. United States
Women’s 50 metre freestyle Amy Van Dyken United States Le Jingyi China
Men’s 100 metre freestyle Alexander Popov Russia Gary Hall, Jr. United States
Women’s 100 metre freestyle Le Jingyi China Sandra Völker Germany

How many medals did USA win in 1996 Olympics?

101 medals
The 1996 Atlanta Games featured athletes from 197 nations competing in 271 medal events. The United States led the medal count with 101 medals: 44 gold, 32 silver and 25 bronze.

How many medals did GB win 1996?

Great Britain at the 1996 Summer Olympics
Competitors 300 (184 men and 116 women) in 22 sports
Flag bearers Steve Redgrave (opening) Roger Black (closing)
Medals Ranked 36th Gold 1 Silver 8 Bronze 6 Total 15
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

What happened at the Olympics in 1996?

On July 27, 1996, a single homemade pipe bomb left in a knapsack exploded amid a crowd of spectators in Centennial Olympic Park, near the main sites of the Olympic Games in Atlanta. The blast caused by the crude device killed one person and injured 112 others.

What sport became an Olympic event in 1996?

Olympic Firsts Beach volleyball, mountain biking, lightweight rowing and women’s football made their first appearance and sailor Hubert Raudaschl (AUT) became the first person ever to compete in nine Olympic Games.

Which Briton has the most Olympic medals?

Cyclist Jason Kenny tops the all-time British Olympian medal table with eight medals in all – seven golds and two bronze. He is closely followed by fellow cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins – who has five golds, one silver and two bronze – and Sir Chris Hoy, who has six golds and one silver.

Who won GB gold medal in Atlanta?

American Michael Johnson produced the outstanding story of the 1996 Games by becoming the first athlete in history to win both the 200 metres and 400 metres at a single Olympics. His victory over 200m in 19.32 seconds established a new world record.

Did the 1996 Olympics lose money?

In fact, Centennial Olympic Park, which replaced a downtrodden area, has become a crown jewel of Atlanta, and it was funded with $75 million in private donations. The games also resulted in a $10 million profit.

Which country won the 1996 Olympics?

United States
Medal table

Rank Nation Gold
1 United States (USA)* 44
2 Russia (RUS) 26
3 Germany (GER) 20
4 China (CHN) 16

Where did the USA rank in the 1996 Olympics?

As per tradition, the ranking order is based first on the number of gold medals, then silver and bronze. See more about the Atlanta Games in 1996. In 1996, the leading country on the medal table was the USA. Got any comments, suggestions or corrections?

What was the medal table for the 1996 Olympics?

Medal table Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze 1 United States (USA) * 44 32 25 2 Russia (RUS) 26 21 16 3 Germany (GER) 20 18 27 4 China (CHN) 16 22 12

What was the world record for the 100m in 1996?

Donovan Bailey of Canada set a world record in the men’s 100m race (9.84 seconds). Michael Johnson of the United States set a world record in the 200m race (19.32 seconds) and Naim Suleymanoglu of Turkey set the record of unprecedented three consecutive Olympic titles in weightlifting.

Who was represented in the 1996 Summer Olympics?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan were represented for the first time at a Summer Games. Czech Republic and Slovakia had competed previously as Czechoslovakia, and the other nations were formerly part of the Soviet Union.