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Who were the original members of Restless Heart?

Who were the original members of Restless Heart?

Restless Heart is an American country music band established in 1984….

Restless Heart
Members John Dittrich Paul Gregg Dave Innis Greg Jennings Larry Stewart
Past members Verlon Thompson

Is Larry Stewart of Restless Heart married?

Stewart currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife, Janet.

How old is Larry Stewart of Restless Heart?

62 years (March 2, 1959)
Larry Stewart/Age

Who is the Secret Santa from Kansas City?

Larry Stewart
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Did Restless Heart Break Up?

The band split in 1992. Members reunited in 2002, thinking they would play a few shows to see if anybody cared. Sixteen years later, the original lineup of Stewart, Innis, drummer John Dittrich, bass player Paul Gregg and guitarist Greg Jennings is still going strong.

How do you cure Restless Heart Syndrome?

Instead, try a hot bath, massage, warm/cool packs or meditation and stretching to relax the mind and muscles prior to bed. If your condition is more random, taking an ibuprofen and stretching could relieve the sensations long enough to allow you to fall back asleep.

What does a restless spirit mean?

noun. a wandering spirit. the restless spirit of an unknown soldier. formal. an unhappy, dissatisfied person.

Who are the original members of Restless Heart?

The country band was formed by Tim DuBois, a record producer and songwriter, who wanted to record demos of his songs. The original members consisted of John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, Greg Jennings and Verlon Thompson. Thompson left the band before they released any music, so he was replaced with lead singer Larry Stewart.

When did Restless Heart country music band start?

Restless Heart is an American country music band established in 1984.

How many studio albums does Restless Heart have?

Overall, Restless Heart has released seven studio albums, two greatest-hits albums, and a live album which is only available on their website.

Who are the original members of the band?

The founding members were John Dittrich (drums, vocals) (born April 7, 1951 ), Paul Gregg (bass guitar, vocals) (born December 3, 1954 ), Dave Innis (piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals) (born April 9, 1959 ), Greg Jennings (lead guitar, mandolin, vocals) (born October 2, 1954 ), and Verlon Thompson ( lead vocals ).