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Who was Rebecca Hopkins in Coronation Street?

Who was Rebecca Hopkins in Coronation Street?

Jill Halfpenny

Rebecca Hopkins
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jill Halfpenny
Duration 1999–2000
First appearance 3 December 1999

Who Is Jill Halfpenny daughter?

Chelsea Halfpenny (born 26 September 1991) is an English actress, known for her roles as Amy Wyatt in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale and Alicia Munroe in the BBC drama Casualty.

Where was Jill Halfpenny born?

Gateshead, United Kingdom
Jill Halfpenny/Place of birth

Who was Jill Halfpenny married to in EastEnders?

Craig Conwaym. 2007–2010
Jill Halfpenny/Spouse

Is Rebecca Sarker Indian?

Born in 1975 in Halifax, Yorkshire, to an Asian father and an English mother. Rebecca trained as an actress.

Who was Vikram in Corrie?

Christopher Paul Bisson
Christopher Paul Bisson (born 21 July 1975) is an English actor, known for portraying the roles of Vikram Desai in Coronation Street (1999–2002), Kash Karib in Shameless (2004–2007, 2009), and Jai Sharma in Emmerdale (2009–present).

Who is Chelsea Halfpenny engaged to?

James Baxter
Former Emmerdale stars Chelsea Halfpenny and James Baxter have revealed they are engaged. The pair – who played Amy Wyatt and Jake Doland on the soap – made the announcement on their social media accounts after a very romantic proposal.

Is Jill Halfpenny in bridgerton?

The Drowning is tipped to air over four consecutive nights on Channel 5 next month and is written by Tim Dynevor – the real-life husband of Coronation Street’s own Sally Webster and dad of Phoebe Dynevor, the young actress who plays Daphne in Netflix smash hit Bridgerton.

Is Jill Halfpenny married?

What is Jill Halfpenny famous for?

Jill Halfpenny is an actress famous for her appearance in TV shows including EastEnders, Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing. She was born in Gateshead in 1975 and went to school in Wrekenton and later attended drama school. Her first TV appearance was a three-year stint on Byker Grove from 1989.

Is Jill Halfpenny still married?

Jill Halfpenny (born 15 July 1975) is an English actress….

Jill Halfpenny
Occupation Actress
Years active 1989–present
Spouse(s) Craig Conway (2007–2010)
Children 1

Does Jill Halfpenny have a partner?