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Who was Ben nicholsons father?

Who was Ben nicholsons father?

William Nicholson
Ben Nicholson/Fathers

Ben Nicholson was born in England in 1894. His father was a very famous and eccentric artist called William Nicholson and had a great influence on him. Ben Nicholson married the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth. They often worked together and were inspired by each other’s art.

Who was Ben Nicholson married to?

Felicitas Voglerm. 1957–1977
Barbara Hepworthm. 1938–1951Winifred Nicholsonm. 1920–1938
Ben Nicholson/Spouse

What happened to Ben Nicholson?

In 1971 he separated from Vogler and moved to Cambridge. In 1977 they divorced. Nicholson’s last home was in Pilgrim’s Lane, Hampstead. He died there on 6 February 1982 and was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium on 12 February 1982.

Why are there official war artists?

Official war artists have been appointed by governments for information or propaganda purposes and to record events on the battlefield, but there are many other types of war artists.

What happened to Barbara Hepworth’s triplets?

In their early years in London, the triplets were farmed out to be looked after by others. When the whole family was forced to live together in wartime St Ives, where Hepworth remained, acute tensions resulted. Hepworth cut him out of her will, and he died of alcohol poisioning, aged 55.

Is Barbara Hepworth still alive?

Deceased (1903–1975)
Barbara Hepworth/Living or Deceased

Who is a famous war artist?

Over 300 artists had been commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee, including John Piper, Graham Sutherland, Henry Moore, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer on the home front; and Anthony Gross, Edward Bawden and Edward Ardizzone overseas.

How did ww2 affect art?

In response to World War II, some American artists served government and military agencies by creating art to celebrate American history and culture in the name of defense. Others bore witness to more universal themes by depicting the war’s victories, injustices, and devastation.

What Stone did Barbara Hepworth use?

Hepworth’s special association with marble, a material for which she had a deep reverence and sensitivity, was sustained in a remarkable way over half a century.

Who was Barbara Hepworth’s husband?

Ben Nicholsonm. 1938–1951
John Skeapingm. 1925–1933
Barbara Hepworth/Husband

Is war a art?

War is an art and as such is not susceptible of explanation by fixed formula.

Who was Christopher Nevinson and what did he do?

Christopher R. W. Nevinson. Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson ARA (13 August 1889 – 7 October 1946) was an English figure and landscape painter, etcher and lithographer, who was one of the most famous war artists of World War I.

Where was c.r.w.nevinson born?

C.R.W Nevinson. Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, the son of Henry Nevinson, the radical journalist, and Margaret Nevinson, an activist in the campaign for women’s rights, was born in Hampstead on 13th August 1889.

When did Margaret Nevinson give birth to her son?

Nevinson’s wife gave birth to a son, Anthony Christopher Wynne on 21st May 1919. His mother, Margaret Nevinson, recorded that the child only lived for fifteen days, which had been “just enough time to get fond of him.”.

Why was Christopher Nevinson excluded from the Futurist movement?

However, Nevinson fell out with Lewis and the other ‘rebel’ artists when he attached their names to the Futurist movement. Lewis immediately founded the Vorticists, an avant garde group of artists and writers from which Nevinson was excluded.