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Who said the sun for sorrow will not show his head?

Who said the sun for sorrow will not show his head?

Prince Escalus then speaks the famous lines: A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head. Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things.

What does the prince mean when he says the sun for sorrow will not show his head?

The Prince suggests that Romeo and Juliet’s death is a kind of punishment for the Montague/Capulet feud. He further says that he is partially to blame for what happened, and, by the loss of Mercutio and Paris, even he is punished. The Prince acknowledges the gloomy or sad peace that results from all the death.

What is the prince’s final message in Romeo and Juliet?

Two of the dead, Mercutio and Paris, were the Prince’s relatives. Finally, in the last words of the play the Prince advises the families to further “talk of these sad things” and that some will be pardoned and some will be punished.

Who said the quote for never was there a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo?

The Prince of Verona speaks this line at the very end of the play–Act 5, scene iii lines 309-310. It basically means that had these two families mended their differences, then Romeo and Juliet would not have felt the urge to love secretly and to go to such lengths to find happiness.

Which character is alive in the end Romeo and Juliet?

Some have interpreted this exclamation to mean that Romeo, though poisoned, has not yet died. The poisoned Romeo, aroused by Juliet’s kiss, opens his eyes to find that she is alive, but succumbs to the poison soon thereafter. Thus, Romeo becomes the last to see Juliet alive, just moments before his own tragic end.

Who else died in Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio – Stabbed from under Romeo’s arm by Tybalt. Often viewed as accidental, since Tybalt may have been trying to kill Romeo. Tybalt – Stabbed by Romeo as revenge for Mercutio’s death. Lady Montague – Died from heartbreak upon hearing about her son’s banishment.

What does the prince see as his own mistake?

What does the Prince see as his own mistake? He did not do enough to try and end the feud. What do Montague and Capulet decide to do at the end? End the feud and build statues in the other’s child’s honor.

What was wrong with Romeo?

Answers 1. Romeo is lovesick and depressed. He loves a girl named Rosaline and spends his days pining for her love.

What is the moral lesson of Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet gives us the moral lesson to never hold grudges nor hate to others before it is too late, lower your pride for the common good, think carefully before you act, and to never let you emotions rule over you.

Who misleads Romeo what happened to Juliet?

Juliet waits impatiently for night to fall so that she can celebrate her wedding night with Romeo. The Nursearrives and in her grief, misleads Juliet into thinking that Romeo has been killed.

What is Romeo Montague’s fatal flaw?

Romeo’s most tragic flaw is his impetuousness. He is highly emotional, and this turbulent personality is critical in shaping his and Juliet’s tragic fate and through a variety of different ways.

Who Killed Romeo?

Friar Laurence, The Man Who Killed Romeo and Juliet is the Romeo and Juliet story told from the perspective of Friar Laurence.