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Who is Laura Freeman married to?

Who is Laura Freeman married to?

Laura Freeman, Joshua Gordon.

Where does Lauren Freeman live?

She moved to Houston from Jacksonville, Florida, where she worked for KPRC’s sister station, WJXT-TV. Her career has also taken her to Minneapolis, where she worked at WFTC-TV. Lauren began her career in Texas, which is her home state.

Is Laura Freeman black?

A native of New York City, Freeman was the older of two girls born to African-American father, James Freeman, and Russian-Jewish mother, Gertrude. Her sister is the singer Roberta Freeman. Freeman knew she wanted to become an illustrator when she was just five years old and learned it was a career choice.

Who is Laura Freeman?

Laura Freeman is a freelance arts critic and book reviewer. Her first book, The Reading Cure: How Books Restored My Appetite, was published in 2018. She is now writing a biography of Jim Ede and the Kettle’s Yard Artists.

Who is Christine Noel engaged to?

Jesse Trigg Irvin
Tuesday, October 08, 2019 KPRC 2 anchor Christine Noël announced on Facebook that she is engaged: Along a sleepy little coast in Oregon… he told me he’d love for me forever, and I promised to be his for even longer. ♥️ I love you, Jesse Trigg Irvin. Thank you for loving me like you do.

Who is leaving KPRC Channel 2?

anchor Dominique Sachse
It’s the end of an era. After nearly three decades on Houston’s KPRC 2, anchor Dominique Sachse is leaving the show. The anchor will sign off for the last time at 6 p.m. Oct. 29 on KPRC 2, the show announced in a news release Thursday.

Is Christine Noel divorced?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 Christine Noël is officially married to Jesse Irvin.

What happened Christine Noel?

Christine currently serves as a news anchor at KPRC Channel 2, in Houston, Texas. She joined the station in January 2019. Before joining KPRC-TV, she worked as the weekend anchor at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. After six months, she was promoted to the leading morning reporter position for the weekday morning news team.

What happened to Brandi Smith KHOU?

Brandi Smith announced she will be the new digital anchor starting July 5th. Currently she is the TEGNA Houston station’s social media anchor for the #HTownRush morning newscast. “I have this idea for a digital anchor role,” Smith said in a Facebook video.

Is Dominique Sachse leaving KPRC?

It’s the end of an era. After nearly three decades on Houston’s KPRC 2, anchor Dominique Sachse is leaving the show. After nearly three decades as one of Houston’s most recognizable faces and voices, @KPRC2Dominique will sign off for the last time in the 6 p.m. news on Friday, October 29, 2021.

Who is Christine Noel dating?

Christine Noël is officially married to Jesse Irvin. “Under a beautiful Colorado sky, where it all began 4 years ago…we celebrated love, friendship, and a type of bond one can only dream of,” Noël tweeted.

Is Christine Noel leaving KPRC?

After nearly five years at 9NEWS, Christine Noel has announced that she’s headed to Houston for a new opportunity.

How old is Lauren Freeman from KPRC TV?

The beautiful Lauren Freeman, a presenter at KPRC TV, is favored with an appealing and sexy physique figure despite the fact that she is 40 years old. She has gathered the attention of people with her charming beauty. Her beautiful smile is flaunted by her blue eyes and blond hair.

Where did Lauren Freeman work as a reporter?

Eventually, she a moved to KWTX as a reporter and KCEN in Waco where she was presenting the morning program. Later, Lauren relocated from Houston to Jacksonville, Florida to join WJXT-TV Channel 4 News, KPRC’s sister channel. Her profession also saw her go to Minneapolis, where she worked at WFTC-TV.

How long has Lauren Freeman been married to?

Even after being married for more than a decade, the couple looks like newlyweds. Lauren apparently enjoys her married life to the fullest and never fails to celebrate important occasions. For holidays, Valentine, and anniversaries, the two love going to their special and favorite place, Bice.

Is it true that Lauren Freeman is a mother of four?

She enjoys every moment to the fullest and to celebrate anniversaries, holiday, Valentine she along with her husband chose their one and only favorite place Bice. Lauren is not only a wife to her husband, but she is also a mother of four. Yes! it’s deceiving because of her well-maintained body, but its the truth.