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Who is Effie in Dreamgirls based on?

Who is Effie in Dreamgirls based on?

member Florence Ballard
Jennifer Hudson as Effie White; inspired by Supremes member Florence Ballard, Effie is a talented yet temperamental singer who suffers when Curtis, the man she loves, replaces her as lead singer of the Dreams and his love interest, and later drops her altogether.

Who played Effie White on Broadway?

Jennifer Holliday
Casts of notable productions

Character 1981 Broadway 2001 Concert
Effie Melody White Jennifer Holliday Lillias White
Deena Jones Sheryl Lee Ralph Audra McDonald
Lorrell Robinson Loretta Devine Heather Headley
Curtis Taylor Jr. Ben Harney Norm Lewis

Who replaced Effie on Dreamgirls?

In 2010 and 2011, Jennifer made headlines for dropping 80 pounds as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman. Beyonce Knowles took on the part of Deena Jones in “Dreamgirls.” She replaced Effie White as the lead singer of the Dreamettes after Curtis Taylor Jr. decided to make her the star.

Who is Effie White supposed to be?

As much as Deena Jones, Beyoncé Knowles’ character in “Dreamgirls,” was modeled on Diana Ross, the film’s main character, Effie White, was based on Etta James, according to composer Henry Krieger.

Are Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson friends?

Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé became great friends while filming “Dreamgirls” Despite what people might think, Hudson and Beyoncé actually became good friends while filming Dreamgirls. Three years later, the “Spotlight” singer reiterated that she and Beyoncé maintained a close friendship throughout the years.

Did Florence Ballard have a child?

Lisa Chapman
Nicole ChapmanMichelle Chapman
Florence Ballard/Children

Ballard began dating Thomas Chapman, a Motown Records chauffeur, in 1967; they married in a private celebration in Hawaii on February 29, 1968, and had three daughters: twins Michelle Denise, Nichole Rene and Lisa Sabrina (b. 1971).

What does Effie White name her daughter?

Answer: Mariah Wilson Magic was Effie’s daughter and she and her mother lived in a poverty stricken neighborhood, as Effie was on welfare.

Did Eddie Murphy sing in Dreamgirls?

In Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy plays James “Thunder” Early, a character who’s part James Brown, part Little Richard, and all Eddie Murphy. Like the rest of the cast, Eddie does all his own singing in the film, but even he admits that the pop albums he put out in the ’80s weren’t a good example of what he could do.

Why did Jamie Foxx not kiss Beyonce in Dreamgirls?

According to the actor (via MTV News), he didn’t enjoy filming that scene with Bey because he had it in the back of his mind that she was “Jay-Z’s girl.” He said all he heard in his head during the on-screen lip-lock was, “Jiggg-aaah!”

Who is the father of Effie’s daughter in Dreamgirls?

Answer: Magic Curtis, the father of Magic, finally finds out he has a daughter at the end of the movie. Curtis sees Magic in the audience and apparently, puts two and two together, since no one directly tells him that she is his daughter.

Are Mary Wilson and Diana Ross still friends?

Alas, Ross and Wilson are not friends today. Says Wilson, “We’re related, we’re sisters ’til the day we die but sometimes sisters don’t talk for awhile. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. I love her, and she loves me as well but life is different than the movies.”

What is Jennifer Hudson vocal range?

She has to sing very high whistle notes or very low chest notes to be able to have a 4 octaves range.

How did Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson get along?

How Did Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson Get Along While Filming ‘Dreamgirls’? In 2006, Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson starred as Deena Jones and Effie White in the musical drama Dreamgirls.

Who is Jamie Foxx in Dreamgirls based on?

Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor, Jr.; based upon Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr., Curtis is a slick Cadillac dealer-turned-record executive who founds the Rainbow Records label and shows ruthless ambition in his quest to make his black artists household names with white audiences.

Who is the background singer in Dreamgirls movie?

Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell Robinson; inspired by Supremes member Mary Wilson, is a good-natured background singer with the Dreams who falls deeply in love with the married Jimmy Early and becomes his mistress.

What was the original playbill for Dreamgirls in 1981?

The original 1981 “Playbill” cover for the Broadway version of “Dreamgirls” is displayed during the end credits just before the names of the show’s Broadway creators are featured. See more » In 2017, Paramount released a “Director’s Extended Edition” of “Dreamgirls.”