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Who did Gene Autry leave his money to?

Who did Gene Autry leave his money to?

Who inherited Gene Autry’s money? The estate was bought by Jeff Probst in 2011 for an estimated $5 Million. The building was donated to Autry National Center Of The American West by Jackie Autry, the wife of Gene Autry.

Who did Gene Autry married?

Jackie Autrym. 1981–1998
Ina Mae Spiveym. 1932–1980
Gene Autry/Spouse

Who was Gail Davis married to?

Carl Guerrierom. 1971–1982
Richard Harold Peircem. 1959–1967Bob Davism. 1944–1952
Gail Davis/Spouse

Did Gail Davis do her own stunts in Annie Oakley?

Actress Gail Davis, best known for her role as a gun-toting, pigtailed rancher in the popular 1950s television series “Annie Oakley,” has died of cancer. She was 71. A skilled rider and a crack shot, Davis appeared in several Gene Autry westerns and did most of her own stunt work.

How much is Gene Autry worth when he died?

At the time of his death in 1998, Gene’s worth was estimated at $320 million….Gene Autry Net Worth.

Net Worth: $500 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 29, 1907 – Oct 2, 1998 (91 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Musician, Actor, Television Producer, Film Score Composer, Businessperson, Author, Telegraphist

Who is Gail Davis daughter?

Terrie Davis
Gail Davis/Daughters

What happened to Gail Davis?

Actress Gail Davis, who played “Annie Oakley” in the television series of the same name in the 1950s, has died at the age of 71, a hospital spokesman said Monday. Davis, who was seen by millions in her role as the gun-toting, pig-tailed rancher, died of cancer on Saturday in St. Joseph Medical Center in Los Angeles.

What is Gene Autry worth?

By 1995 he had slipped into the “near miss” category with an estimated net worth of $320 million. To moviegoers in the 1930s and ’40s, Autry was a red-blooded American hero whose films featured a dashing horse, Champion, a flood of happy endings and simple Western songs.

How much did Gene Autry pay for the Angels?

1960: Purchases the American League’s California Angels (now the Anaheim Angels) for $2.5 million.