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Which Hanuman statue is good for home?

Which Hanuman statue is good for home?

Lord Hanuman’s picture or statue is excellent to keep off negative energies. If you are scared of ghosts or evil forces, keep the Panchmukhi (five faced) Hanuman over the main door which is visible by all. Presence of the Panchmukhi Hanuman in the house removes the blocks to progress and the house becomes prosperous.

Why we should not touch Hanuman feet?

Lord Hanuman’s mother Anjana was a celestial nymph called Punjikasthala who was cursed to be born as a monkey on earth when she offended a sage. Women are not allowed to touch Hanuman’s feet. Hanuman was a bal brahmachari (meaning unmarried/ celibate). So, men are allowed to worship and touch the idol.

How do you worship Hanuman?

Rise early, take a bath and wear clean clothes. Visit the temple and offer sesame oil lamps to Lord Shani and chant the Hanuman Chalisa. You may also sing any other shloka dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Which day is good for Hanuman?

Every Monday, worshippers chant to Lord Shiva and keep fasts while Tuesdays are for Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha’s day is Wednesday, so on and so forth.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

Natraj is considered to be the Rudra form of Lord Shiva, that is, the angry incarnations of Lord Shiva. Therefore, the idol of Natraj should not be kept in the house. This causes unrest in the house. The idol of sun god Shani Dev should also be avoided in keeping the worship in the house.

Is it OK to keep Hanuman statue at home?

The picture or statue in which Hanuman ji flying with Sanjivani Mountain should never be kept in the house, it is a sign of instability. An angry idol of Hanuman ji should never be kept in the house; it brings negative energy in the house.

Who is Hanuman wife?

It is believed that the idols are that of Lord Hanuman and his wife Suvarchala and together they are known as Suvarchala Anjaneya. Hanuman obeyed his Guru and married Suvarchala. It is stated in PARASARA SAMHITA that Surya offered his daughter Suvarchala in marriage on JYESTHA SUDDHA DASAMI. It was a Wednesday.

Can we chant Hanuman Chalisa after eating non veg?

As far as the worship is concerned, you may worship Him on fasting days or those you are not eating non-veg. But do not recite the Hanuman Chalisa at any cost and it invokes Him personally, which is not right after having eaten non-veg. In many religions meat was even offered to Gods in temples.

What is Hanuman Favourite food?

10/11Lord Hanuman This affable God, therefore is really fond of red colour and loves red lentils of masoor daal, jaggery, pomegranate and of course moti choor laddoos.

Which flower does lord Hanuman like?

Lord Hanuman loves Jasmine. According to rituals, he is supposed to be offered five Jasmine flowers, also known as Chameli.

Which flower does Lord Hanuman like?

What should be the size of God idols at home?

The size of idols at home should not be more than 3 inches. Idols should not be kept facing each other, any chipped or broken statues should be removed.