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Where was Bhagat Puran Singh born?

Where was Bhagat Puran Singh born?

Ludhiana, India
Bhagat Puran Singh/Place of birth

When was Puran Singh born?

February 17, 1881
Puran Singh/Date of birth

When Bhagat Puran Singh Ji died?

August 5, 1992
To mark the 29th death anniversary of its founder Bhagat Puran Singh, the All-India Pingalwara Charitable Society has initiated a series of programmes here. A writer, publisher, environmentalist and philanthropist, Bhagat Ji had died on August 5, 1992.

How did Puran Das become Puran Bhagat?

It was in the gurdwara itself that Ramji got his name Puran Singh. The prefix, Bhagat, was later on added by the noted sikh-brain Giani Kartar Singh. This is how he became ‘Bhagat Puran Singh’ from ‘Ramji Das’ i.e. a Sikh from a Hindu.

Who is master Puran Singh Ji?

Bhagat Puran Singh (4 June 1904 – 5 August 1992) was an Indian writer, environmentalist, and philanthropist. As a young man he decided to dedicate his life to humanitarian work, and in 1947, he established Pingalwara, a home for the sick and disabled in Amritsar.

Who started pingalwara?

Bhagat Puran Singh

He, therefore, lost no time in taking a vow of celibacy dedicating his life to the service of suffering humanity. He started at Lahore his career of social and humanitarian activities. This was in the year 1924 when Puran Singh was hardly a youth of 19.

What did Bhai Puran Singh Ji do?

Who is called Tagore of Punjab?

Puran Singh

Prof Puran Singh ਪ੍ਰੋ. ਪੂਰਨ ਸਿੰਘ
Born 17 February 1881 Salhad Union Council, Abottabad District, North-West Frontier Province
Died 31 March 1931 (aged 50) Dehradun
Occupation Scientist,mystic,poet
Language English,Punjabi,Persian, Hindi, German

Who established Pingalwara in Amritsar?

AMRITSAR: Six books, a documentary and a portrait of Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of the All India Pingalwara Charitable Society, were released at a function held at the Pingalwara complex near the bus stand here today.

Who is Kerala Tagore?

Vallathol Narayana Menon (16 October 1878 – 13 March 1958) was a poet in the Malayalam language, which is spoken in the south Indian state of Kerala….Vallathol Narayana Menon.

Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana menon
Nationality Indian
Occupation Malayalam Poet, translator

Who is inderjeet Kaur?

Inderjit Kaur Barthakur is an Indian civil servant, economist and writer. She is a member of the North Eastern Council (NEC), which carries the rank of a Minister of State of the Union government. She served as a secretary to the Government of India and was the president of the Indian Economics Association in 1990.

Who is the first Malayalam poet?

Thunchathu Ezhuthachchan is also known as The father of modern Malayalam literature. Kunchan Nambiar, a poet pf 18th century CE, also has contributed much to Malayalam literature in its early form.