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Where is the treasure hunter in Dragonfable?

Where is the treasure hunter in Dragonfable?

Legendary AdventureGuide! Location: The Sandsea (Book 3) -> Inn -> Left -> Tabia -> Treasure Hunter!

What does primal do Dragonfable?

Primal Dragons are available when you have discovered how to imbue your Titan Dragon with the power of the Elemental Orbs. To infuse the power of an Elemental Orb on your Titan dragon, simply click on your desired element, then on the Primal button, then confirm. …

How do I start orb saga in Dragonfable?

The Orb Saga begins when the Hero finds themselves engulfed in a war between the Pirates and the Ninjas. On the quest to find more information about the mysterious Sepulchure, the hero meets a pirate, Rhubarb, who briefs the hero about the potential of the ‘Wind Pearl’ or the Wind Orb.

Where is Warlic in Dragonfable?

Warlic is widely known throughout Lore as the Blue Mage. He lives near Lymcrest, and has helped them with their troubles with Xan, in which he had a personal stake.

How do you grow a dragon in Dragonfable?

Go to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove, click “Baby Dragons,” and click “Grow Dragon.” This costs 10,000 gold, so make sure you really want it. Remember, once you grow your dragon, you cannot un-grow it!

Where is the water orb in DragonFable?

The quest chain can be accessed through Aquella in The Locker. The Locker can only be unlocked by fishing a Johnnyfish in Falconreach Bay.

How do you get classes in Dragonfable?

These classes are unlocked by progressing through the main story, and are trained by their respective NPCs. Dragonlord and Master SoulWeaver require a Dragon Amulet to use, while the remaining story classes have half their skills locked without a Dragon Amulet (usually their right hand skills).

How powerful is Warlic?

Saga: Warlic is widely known throughout Lore as “the Blue Mage”. He is a powerful 5’50’ tall wizard who can help you train as a mage and wizard. He is the owner of a Magic Shop in the town of Battleon, and the trainer of Mage Class.