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Where did they film Another Time Another Place?

Where did they film Another Time Another Place?

Production. Location filming in the fishing village in Cornwall that Lana Turner’s character visits, named St. Giles in the film, was carried out at Polperro. She travels by train and the station she arrives at, also called St.

What does another place another time mean?

The Interpretation Of The Song… “Another Place, Another Time” talks about a love that should have been, but the timing wasn’t right. Both parties have the affection to each other and they felt the moment is strong. The girl and the boy just met yet the love blossoms in a snap. Also, they make each other’s alive.

Who wrote another place another time for Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Chesnut
Another Place Another Time/Composers

How old is Gilbert in another place another time?

He was 48 years old.

Who is Ally in another time?

Arielle Kebbell
On the bright side, this segment allows Eric to meet a bartender named Ally, played by Arielle Kebbell.

What is the movie another time about?

The top investment manager at his firm is assigned to help the stunning owner of a recently acquired company. He realizes he has fallen for her, and he has to go back in time to meet her before she becomes engaged.
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What is the main idea of the story another place another time?

What is the story’s theme (message) about life or human nature in relation to time? Time, or at least our perception of it, is imposed upon us and entirely outside of our control. It is part of the nature of humanity to be caught in time.

What does the handcar symbolize in another place another time?

What does the handcar symbolize? The handcar represents an escape from the tyranny of time.

Who sings another place another time?

Jerry Lee Lewis
Another Place, Another Time/Artists

What is the theme of the story another place another time?

What does the sea symbolize in another place another time?

he uses the sea as a symbol of Gilbert’s mother calming him. The practical items that gilbert takes include the picnic basket full of food that will nourish him, the spyglass to help him see, and the turnip watch to help him keep track of time.

What is the climax of another place another time?

Climax. When Gilbert and his friends set off on adventure to stop time so Gilbert can find his dad and in the middle of the adventure his watch stopped.