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When was Thomas Bracken born?

When was Thomas Bracken born?

December 21, 1843
Thomas Bracken/Date of birth

Born at Clones, Ireland, on December 21, 1843, Thomas Bracken emigrated to Dunedin from Geelong, Victoria, in 1869. During his Australian years he had written much verse, collected into a volume issued in Dunedin in February 1869.

Where was Thomas Bracken born?

Clones, Ireland
Thomas Bracken/Place of birth

Was Thomas Bracken a Freemason?

Bracken also wrote for the Morning Herald and the Catholic The New Zealand Tablet. He was born into a Catholic family, but lapsed, and was a freethinker and a freemason.

When did Thomas Bracken wrote the national anthem?

Bracken’s single most important literary achievement was his poem ‘God defend New Zealand’. On 1 July 1876 his newspaper the New Zealand Saturday Advertiser published the five stanzas under the title ‘National hymn’.

Who wrote God Defend New Zealand?

Thomas Bracken
Thomas Henry Smith
God Defend New Zealand/Lyricists
Written by Thomas Bracken in the 1870s the words for God Defend New Zealand were first published as a competition run by The Saturday Advertiser and New Zealand Literary Miscellany.

Who are Bracken and Reeves?

Both Bracken and Reeves are commonly credited with first inventing the word Aotearoa. They did not, but they helped embed the modern view among both Māori and Pākehā that Aotearoa means and is the ‘indigenous’ term for all of New Zealand.

Who wrote the national anthem NZ?

Thomas Bracken
The words to the anthem were written in the early 1870s by Thomas Bracken, who offered a prize of £10 for the best musical setting of it. The winning music was composed by John J. Woods, and the resulting hymn was first publicly performed in 1876.

Why does NZ have 2 national anthems?

New Zealand is unique for having two national anthems of equal standing – God Defend New Zealand and God Save The Queen. Both were inspired by patriotism, yet written in very different circumstances.

Which country has 2 anthem?

Denmark is one of only two countries, along with New Zealand, to have two national anthems. The other official song is ‘Kong Christian stod ved højen mast’, which as a national and royal anthem tends to be heard on military and royal occasions.

How old was Thomas Bracken when he died?

Thomas Bracken. Thomas Bracken (c. December 1843 – 16 February 1898) was an Irish-born New Zealand poet, journalist and politician.

How did Thomas Bracken contribute to New Zealand?

He wrote ” God Defend New Zealand “, one of the two national anthems of New Zealand, and was the first person to publish the phrase ” God’s Own Country ” as applied to New Zealand. He also won the Otago Caledonian Society’s prize for poetry. His mother Margaret died in 1846 and his father Thomas in 1852.

Why did Thomas Bracken write the national anthem?

Bracken’s national anthem asks God to “guard Pacific’s triple star”, and some historians have reasoned that refers to Te Kooti’s flag and is his oblique support for Māori. It has also been suggested that “Pacific’s triple star” simply means the three main islands of New Zealand – Northern, Middle and Stewart as they were referred to at that time.

What kind of jobs did Thomas Bracken have?

Bracken was apprenticed to a pharmacist in Bendigo, later moved around to work on farms as a shearer and drover, and for a time was a gold fossicker and store keeper. At that time he began writing tales over the activities of the diggers involved in the goldrush, and about stock men and sheep men.