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When was Alfie Boe in Les Mis?

When was Alfie Boe in Les Mis?

Boe appeared as Valjean in Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre in London from 23 June to 26 November 2011. His friend Matt Lucas also joined the cast as Thenardier.

What West End shows has Alfie Boe been in?


  • Jean Valjean [Replacement] Les Miserables Staged Concert Revival. [West End]
  • Jean Valjean. Carousel. [West End]
  • Billy Bigelow. Finding Neverland. [Broadway]
  • J.M. Barrie [Replacement] Les Miserables. [Broadway]
  • Jean Valjean [Replacement] Kismet. [West End]
  • Caliph. Les Miserables. [West End]

How was Alfie Boe discovered?

Alfie Boe was famously discovered singing in the TVR factory as a teenager. After successfully auditioning for the D’oyly Carte opera company, Alfie then went on to train at the Royal College of Music in London.

Who played Jean Valjean in 2011?

Alfie Boe
Alfie Boe first played Jean Valjean in the 25th-anniversary concert of Les Miserables, staged at the O2 Arena in 2010. A year later, Boe made his Queen’s Theatre debut, reprising his lead role performance for a limited engagement from 23rd June to 26th November 2011.

Who is Alfie Boes girlfriend?

Liv Knight-Butler
Alfie is now dating Liv Knight-Butler, a 25-year-old fashion blogger. He was spotted on a date with Liv at a swanky West London restaurant in September.

Who is Alfie Boes wife?

Sarah Boem. 2004
Alfie Boe/Wife

Who is the most famous Jean Valjean?

Colm Wilkinson
Colm Wilkinson was the go-to leading man in the ’80s. So much so, his superhero name would be The Originator. The famed tenor is a seasoned solo artist as well as musical theatre performer but is probably best known for being the first ever Jean Valjean.

Who is starring in Les Miserables now?

The principal cast are Jon Robyns as Jean Valjean, Bradley Jaden as Javert, Lucie Jones as Fantine, Gerard Carey as Thénardier, Josefina Gabrielle as Madame Thénardier, Shan Ako as Éponine, Harry Apps as Marius, Jamie Muscato as Enjolras, Charlie Burn as Cosette and at certain performances Dean Chisnall will play the …

Is Alfie Boe divorce?

Alfie is not currently married having split from his wife Sarah Boe earlier this year. Alfie and Sarah were married for 16 years having tied the knot in 2004. During their marriage, the couple welcomed daughter Grace and son Alfred.

Who is Michael Balls wife?

Who is Michael Ball’s partner Cathy McGowan? Michael is well known for his incredible singing career and television work. But not many people know about his personal life. Michael and Cathy met during an interview for his musical Aspects Of Love in 1989.

How did Ball and BOE get together?

Alfie and Michael met when they were co-stars in a production of the musical Kismet in London. The album featured some of the best-known songs from the musicals. The album went double platinum so the pair recorded a follow-up called ‘Together Again’.

Who is the actor that plays Alfie Boe?

Alfie Boe. Born Alfred Giovanni Roncalli Boe on September 29, 1973 in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, he is an English singer and actor, best known for his work in musical theatre.

When did Alfie Boe star in Les Miserables?

Years later, in 2007, Alfie ended up working with Michael when the pair appeared in an English National Opera production of musical Kismet. He really hit the big time though in 2010, starring as Jean Valjean in the 25th anniversary production of Les Miserables at London’s O2, with Matt Lucas playing the crooked Thenardier.

When is Alfie Boe Back in the UK?

Looking forward to catching up with Mr @ GaryBarlow when I’m back in the UK #throwbackthursday Happy Saturday everybody! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

How did Alfie Boe get involved with Michael Ball?

He then put the device to his microphone and told the woman’s mother he was in the middle of a show. His connection to Michael Ball had an odd beginning. As a struggling student, Alfie dropped a note through the stage star’s letterbox asking for advice.