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When did Acceptable in the 80s come out?

When did Acceptable in the 80s come out?

Acceptable in the 80s/Released

Why is 80s music so popular?

There was a radical change in direction for popular music not only because of the revolutions and innovations in music technology but also in terms of stylistic diversity. The 80s saw the rise of Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Soft Rock, and the more middle of the road out and out Pop music.

Was life different in the 80s?

The eighties were a decade where style reigned supreme, and few artists had as much style as Madonna. Americans enjoyed many fundamental changes in their standard of living in the 1980s. One major transformation was the new, expanded role of television.

What’s the 80s known for?

The “eighties” are also well known for their extreme fashions, such as “big hair”, New Wave, punk rock, funk, or preppies. Rap music first started to get big in the 80s, and often went with breakdancing in what is now called the “old school” days.

What do you mean by 80s?

Noun. 1. 1980s – the decade from 1980 to 1989. eighties. decade, decennary, decennium – a period of 10 years.

Should 80s have an apostrophe?

According to both AP and Chicago Style guidelines, always use the apostrophe before the 80s as it replaces the 19. So the correct way would be ’80s. You would not use an apostrophe after the 80 (as in 80’s) because the decade reference is a descriptive phrase, not a possessive.

What decade has the best music?

The 1970s and 1980s are the best decades for music, according to results from a YouGovAmerica poll. Among U.S. adults, 70s and 80s music were the best decades for music with 21% and 22% of the vote respectively. The 1960s and the 1990s were next with both garnering 14% of the vote from the 17,000 polled.

Did the 80s have the best music?

When talking about music, the ’80s music gets overshadowed by the greatness of the ’70s music. However, some people still consider ’80s as the most illustrious era for rock as well as pop music. The main focus in the ’80s was to sell most albums, and it fueled the competition for best music.

What did kids do in the 80s?

Games like ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘mr crocodile’ were played in the playground and the street. More toys and games were becoming electronic, including musical instruments. Toys were increasingly brightly coloured and fun to play with. More toys could make sounds and even talk at the press of a button.

What are the eighties known for?