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What would cause interior lights to stay on?

What would cause interior lights to stay on?

Lasting Light. If the car interior light simply won’t turn off, then check the switch. It may have gotten bumped accidentally by a passenger, valet or car wash employee. If the switch is in the “door” or “off” position and your interior light still stays on, then you should consult a mechanic.

Why won’t the lights in my Jeep turn off?

If the interior lights on your Jeep Liberty stay on, there could be three possible issues: the fuse is stuck, one of your doors is open, or the light switch is set to the “ON” position. All three of these issues have very simple solutions that should not take more than ten minutes to solve.

How do you turn off the lights when you open the trunk of a Jeep?

Registered. On your turn signal switch should be the light dimmer also. At least mine has the dimmer there. Rotate it so the top is rolling towards you, should dim the dash lights, dome light, etc., and the final click should shut off the dome light completely even when doors open.

What to do when your lights won’t turn off?

When I hooked the battery up, the lights immediately came on even though all the doors were shut and the light button/dimmer wheel on the headlight switch was set to “off”. Started the truck and drove it home and worked the wipers, turn signals, cruise control, headlights, all 4 power windows, locks, hi/low beams and everything worked perfect.

When does the motion sensor light go off?

Your motion sensor light stays on. These lights are designed to go off after movement has ceased, generally within 30 to 60 seconds. If your motion sensor light won’t go off or stays on for long periods of time, it may require a reset.

What happens if you leave the interior lights on in a Jeep Liberty?

As leaving the interior lights on in your Jeep Liberty can drain the battery, it is important that you fix the issue as soon as you can. Park the Liberty and turn the engine off. Open and close all of the Liberty’s doors.

Why does my dome light not turn off?

Sounds like one of the door switches is shorted to ground. Try taking the drivers door switch out (just one torx screw) and pulling the connector off. If that don’t work, try the other side. Edit: Just reread your OP. I too, would think that if the switch was bad you would get the “Door” light.