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What word starts with Pat?

What word starts with Pat?

8-letter words that start with pat

  • patented.
  • patience.
  • pathetic.
  • paternal.
  • patently.
  • pathogen.
  • patentee.
  • patootie.

How do you use the word pat?

A pat tale aroused a big laugh.

  1. Pat refused to give her any information about Sarah.
  2. The telephone rang and Pat answered it.
  3. Pat teaches evening classes in yoga and relaxation.
  4. He gave the dog a pat.
  5. The phone rang and Pat answered it.
  6. Pat has vivid recol-lections of the trip.
  7. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.

What does too pat mean?

too quick, easy or simple; not seeming natural or realistic synonym glib. The ending of the novel is a little too pat to be convincing.

Is Pat an adjective?

Pat can be an adverb, an adjective, a noun or a verb.

What words start with SCR?

7-letter words that start with scr

  • scratch.
  • scruffy.
  • scrappy.
  • screech.
  • scrawny.
  • scraper.
  • scrotum.
  • scrubby.

What is Pat example?

The definition of a pat is a light gentle tap. An example of a pat is tapping your friend on the back with your hand to tell them they did a good job.

What is the full form of Pat?

PAT – Personal Assistant Technician.

Is it Pat or patted?

pat ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

present tense
he/she/it pats
present participle patting
past tense patted
past participle patted

Is Pat a verb or noun?

Verb The child gently patted the dog’s head. He patted my knee and told me everything would be fine. He patted his hair down. She patted the dough into a square.

What words start with thr?

8-letter words that start with thr

  • threaten.
  • thriller.
  • throttle.
  • thrombin.
  • thrasher.
  • thrombus.
  • thresher.
  • threnody.