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What was Stephanie Meyers inspiration for Twilight?

What was Stephanie Meyers inspiration for Twilight?

a dream
According to Meyer, the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream on June 2, 2003 about a human girl and a vampire who was in love with her but thirsted for her blood. Based on this dream, Meyer wrote the draft of what became chapter 13 of the book.

Why did Stephenie Meyer write new moon?

I was just writing down a story for my personal enjoyment, letting it grow as it would and lead where it would. No pressure, just fun. The first sequel I wrote to Twilight—Forever Dawn—was more of the same.

Will Stephenie Meyer make New Moon in Edward’s perspective?

Robert Pattinson Couldn’t Visit A Supermarket For 6 Years But, unfortunately for fans, this will supposedly be the final book in the series displayed from the perspective of Edward. On whether Meyer will follow up Midnight Sun with a retelling of New Moon, She revealed: “No. Not at all. This is it for Edward.

Is Stephanie Meyer going to write all the books from Edward’s perspective?

Stephenie Meyer isn’t done with the Twilight universe just yet and has plans for other books, but she’s not planning on rewriting all of the books in the Twilight Saga from Edward’s perspective.

Why did Stephenie Meyer write the book New Moon?

As I started plotting New Moon (untitled at that point), it became clear that Edward was Edward, and he would have to behave as only Edward would. And, because of that, Edward was leaving. NO! I didn’t want Edward to leave.

How did Stephenie Meyer come up with idea for Twilight?

Sons Seth and Eli followed, and Meyer experienced a busy life as a stay-at-home mom. On June 2, 2003, Meyer became an author in earnest. Following a compelling dream — the inspiration for the Twilight book series, and the basis for Chapter 13 of its first book — Meyer began a frenzied writing spree.

Are there any outtakes from the book New Moon?

These two offerings are not outtakes; they were never part of the manuscript. Rather, these are short (well, reasonably short) pieces I wrote after New Moon was all finished, both inspired by questions and comments on the Twilight Lexicon.

Who are some authors that Stephenie Meyer was influenced by?

Influenced by authors like William Goldman, Orson Scott Card and Douglas Adams, Meyer worked diligently to flesh out the story, often writing while her children slept. Within three months, Meyer had created a 500-page manuscript and begun searching for a publishing contact.