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What type of plastic is a pencil case made from?

What type of plastic is a pencil case made from?

This pencil box can be used for school or at home for storing colored pencils, markers and other art supplies. This box is made of sturdy polypropylene to stand up to daily use.

How do you make a plastic bottle into a pencil case?


  1. Measure the size of the items going inside the case and cut the bottoms of two bottles off to half of that measurement.
  2. Wrap the zipper around the cut edge of the bottle to measure the appropriate length.
  3. Cut a small rectangle of felt and glue it onto the cut end of the zipper to seal and cover it.

What’s the easiest thing to sew?

55 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

  • Phone-Charging Station.
  • Portable First-Aid Kit.
  • Zipper Pouches.
  • Pattern Weights.
  • Luggage Tag Labels.
  • 15-Minute Picnic Blanket via Flamingo Toes.
  • Fabric Baskets via The Polkadot Chair.
  • Ironing Board Organizer via Flamingo Toes.

How do you make a pencil holder step by step?

What You’ll Do:

  1. Step 1: Wash the inside of the can.
  2. Step 2: Lay the pencil near the end of the paper, and tightly roll the paper around the pencil.
  3. Step 3: Put some wood glue on the very end of the paper and finish rolling the tube.

What do you need to make a pencil case?

You will need one rectangular-cut fabric for the outer body, two circles for the bottom and top section of the case, and one zipper. For this one case, you will need to sew in a lining fabric. Pencil cases don’t have to be fabric related; you can use the unused plastic cases to design a pencil pouch.

Can you make a pencil case out of a water bottle?

Cut the top of the water bottle off. Save the top for later! You will need it to make the top of the pencil case. You can keep the label on the water bottle if you want for decoration, or get a piece of paper, cut it, draw a design on it, laminate it, and then tape it onto the water bottle!

How to make a pencil case with a zipper?

Sew in place. Step 3 Fold the fabric and join the remaining zipper edge to the other edge of the fabric as in the picture below. Step 4 Keep the tube you have now flattened and arrange the zipper to the center. Stitch the side edges closed. Step 5 Pinch one of the corners and sew across one inch from the corner.

What kind of fruit can I make a pencil case for?

You can make a pencil case for any kind of fruits. For example watermelon, orange, or kiwi. Also, it will be easier to make the pencil case in a form of a sliced fruit. Not only easier to make but also it will look nicer in the shape of a slice watermelon or orange than a watermelon or an orange.