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What position did Richie Hebner play?

What position did Richie Hebner play?

The left-handed batting Hebner threw right-handed, and was originally a shortstop when he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first round (15 overall) of the 1966 MLB draft out of Norwood High School.

When did Richie Hebner play for the Pirates?

Hebner was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 23, 1968, with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Where is Richie Hebner?

Today. Hebner, 72, has been married 41 years to Patricia. The couple live in Walpole, Massachusetts, and has four children and five grandchildren. He continues to drive a hearse for two funeral homes.

Is Richie Hebner in the Hall of Fame?

Hebner also discussed the opioid epidemic that is adversely impacting lives, young and old, throughout the country. The Hall of Fame inducted to the Class of 2017: Bill Cameron, Johnstown’s Kline’s Amusements and Auburn University.

How old is Richie Hebner?

73 years (November 26, 1947)
Richie Hebner/Age

Who did the Mets trade to get Richie Hebner?

Richie Hebner Trades & Transactions

Richie Hebner Trades & Transactions Baseball Trades & Transactions Involving Richie Hebner
Richie Hebner Trades & Transactions
03-27-1979 Traded by Philadelphia Phillies with Jose Moreno to New York Mets in exchange for Nino Espinosa (March 27, 1979).

Who is Richie Hebner married to?

Pat Hebner
Richie Hebner/Spouse

How old was Richie Hebner when he went to baseball?

Hebner faced a dilemma at graduation; to sign with the NHL’s Boston Bruins or try professional baseball. In 1966, major league baseball held its second amateur draft. The Pittsburgh Pirates made the 18-year-old shortstop their first pick (15th overall).

When did Richie Hebner start to dig graves?

He played major league baseball in summer, but Richie Hebner dug graves in winter. Beginning in the ninth grade, he continued digging throughout his 18-year major league career, even when free agency expanded his paychecks beyond 1976, and 20 years after retirement.

When did Richie Hebner score the game winning goal?

Hebner capped his hockey career by scoring the game-winning goal in a 1969 1-0 game against Walpole. He reflected on that goal, “I’ll never forget that night. We had always been a big rival of Walpole and it seemed the entire sports fans of both towns just lived for that game.

When was Richie Hebner traded to the Pirates?

October 31, 1979: Traded by the New York Mets to the Detroit Tigers for Phil Mankowski and Jerry Morales. August 16, 1982: Purchased by the Pittsburgh Pirates from the Detroit Tigers. November 7, 1983: Granted Free Agency.