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What of an element is the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus?

What of an element is the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus?

Its atomic number is 2, so it has two protons in its nucleus. Its nucleus also contains two neutrons….Mass Number.

Name Carbon
Symbol C
Protons 6
Neutrons 6
Electrons 6

What is found in the nucleus protons and neutrons?

Atomic Particles The nucleus (center) of the atom contains the protons (positively charged) and the neutrons (no charge). The outermost regions of the atom are called electron shells and contain the electrons (negatively charged).

What elements have the same number of protons and neutrons and electrons?

All atoms of an element have the same number of protons, and every element has a different number of protons in its atoms. For example, all helium atoms have two protons, and no other elements have atoms with two protons….Atomic Number.

Name Hydrogen
Neutrons 0
Electrons 1
Atomic Number (Z) 1

What type of charge is on a neutron?

no electric charge
Neutron, neutral subatomic particle that is a constituent of every atomic nucleus except ordinary hydrogen. It has no electric charge and a rest mass equal to 1.67493 × 10−27 kg—marginally greater than that of the proton but nearly 1,839 times greater than that of the electron.

Can an element have a different number of neutrons?

Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons but the same number of protons and electrons. The difference in the number of neutrons between the various isotopes of an element means that the various isotopes have different masses.

What element has 17 protons and 18 neutrons?

chlorine atom
Every chlorine atom has 17 protons in its nucleus. Not all atoms of chlorine have the same number of neutrons, however. Some atoms of chlorine have 18 neutrons in their nuclei.

What element has 18 protons and 21 neutrons?


Term Hydrogen Definition H #1 1 proton, 0 neutrons, 1 electron atomic mass= 1 charge= +1
Term Chlorine Definition Cl #17 17 protons, 18 neutrons, 17 electrons atomic mass= 35 charge= -1
Term Argon Definition Ar #18 18 protons, 21 neutrons, 18 eletrons atomic mass= 39

Can you have 0 neutrons?

There is only one stable atom that does not have neutrons. It is an isotope of the element hydrogen called protium. Protium, which contains a single proton and a single electron, is the simplest atom. All other stable atoms contain some number of neutrons.