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What makes Tenochtitlan so astounding and unique?

What makes Tenochtitlan so astounding and unique?

The small natural island was perpetually enlarged as an artificial island as Tenochtitlan grew to become the largest and most powerful city in Mesoamerica. Commercial routes were developed that brought goods from places as far as the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and perhaps even the Inca Empire.

Did the mesoamericans have bronze?

Earlier evidence had indicated that these bronze alloys were produced exclusively in West Mexico. West Mexico was the region where metallurgy first developed in Mesoamerica, although major elements of that technology had been introduced from the metallurgies of Central and South America.

Why didn’t the Aztecs have metal weapons?

The Aztecs didn’t develop their use of metal because they couldn’t see beyond obsidian. Then the Spanish came with their steel guns, swords, and cannon.

Did the Aztecs have bronze?

The Aztecs did not initially adopt metal working, even though they had acquired metal objects from other peoples. However, as conquest gained them metal working regions, the technology started to spread. By the time of the Spanish conquest, a bronze-smelting technology seemed to be nascent.

Why was Tenochtitlan so rich?

At the time of the Spanish Conquest in 1521, the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan was among the largest cities in the world, with perhaps as many as 200,000 inhabitants. Tenochtitlan was a city of great wealth, obtained through the spoils of tribute from conquered regions.

What is Tenochtitlan called today?

Mexico City
The leader of the conquistadors, Hernan Cortés, began the construction of what is now known as Mexico City among the ruins.

Did the Maya use gold?

The Maya. Although gold was panned in the Guatemala highlands, it was not produced in great quantity. For the most part, Mayans traded for their gold with other Mesoamerican peoples[5]. It is also considered the biggest collection of gold work discovered in the region.

Did Maya have bronze?

Did the Mayans have bronze? In the entire Maya area, only Chichén Itzá and Mayapán, both in the Northern Lowlands, have yielded more copper and copper-tin bronze artifacts (Lothrop, 1952; Paris, 2008).

What metals did Aztecs use?

The ore sources (copper, gold, tin, lead) lay outside of the Basin of Mexico but within Aztec tribute provinces; the metal itself was worked or cast in Tenochtitlan workshops.

What kind of weapons did the Aztecs use?

Weapons & Armour Aztec warriors were taught from childhood in weapons handling and they became expert users of clubs, bows, spears, and darts. Protection from the enemy was provided via round shields (chimalli), and, more rarely, helmets.