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What Kingdom is the corn snake in?

What Kingdom is the corn snake in?

Integrated Taxonomic Information System – Report

Kingdom: Animalia
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Synonym(s): Elaphe guttata (Linnaeus, 1766)
Elaphe guttata guttata (Linnaeus, 1766)
Coluber guttatus Linnaeus, 1766

What animal kingdom are snakes in?


Where do corn snakes live in the wild?

Corn snakes are found in the eastern United States from southern New Jersey to Florida, into Louisiana and parts of Kentucky. They are most abundant in Florida and other southeastern states.

Can corn snakes survive in the UK?

Corn snakes are a non venomous species native to North America, although they are one of the most commonly kept exotic pets in this country. In recent years the reptiles have turned up in some unlikely places in the UK.

How can you tell if a baby corn snake is male or female?

You can look at the shape and length of the tail to help you decipher whether or not your snake is a male. Males will have a tail (the portion of the snake starting after the cloacal opening) that is thicker and longer than their female counterparts.

What do baby corn snakes eat?

Hatchlings normally eat newborn mice. Increase to a jumbo mouse for a large adult corn snake. Most corn snakes learn to eat previously frozen, but fully thawed out, mice. Be prepared to offer a live newborn mouse to baby corn snakes stressed by a new home or not used to thawed mice yet.

How big can a corn snake get?

around 150cm long
How big do corn snakes get? They can grow to around 150cm long. Female corn snakes usually grow larger than males.

How big is a full grown corn snake?

LENGTH 61-182 cm The Corn snake is a North American species of rat snake. Their docile nature, reluctance to bite, moderate adult size, attractive pattern, and comparatively simple care make them commonly kept pet snakes.

Where are corn snakes found in the United States?

Corn snakes may be found in the eastern United States from southern New Jersey south through Florida, west into Louisiana and parts of Kentucky. However, corn snakes are most abundant in Florida and the southeastern U.S. Corn snakes may be found in wooded groves, rocky hillsides, meadowlands, woodlots, barns, and abandoned buildings.

How did the corn snake get its name?

Corn snakes are also known as red rat snakes. The common name “corn snake” is believed to have originated from the fact that these snakes are commonly found in agricultural fields, such as corn fields, as they hunt for prey.

What kind of behavior does a corn snake have?

American “rat snakes”, such as P. guttatus, had venomous ancestors, which lost their venom after they evolved constriction as a means of prey capture. Like many species of the Colubridae, corn snakes exhibit defensive tail vibration behavior.