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What is TK Samuels real name?

What is TK Samuels real name?

Benjamin MitchellShortland Street
TK Samuels/Played by

Is Zara still alive on Shortland Street?

As an actor, she is also delighted Zara has survived. “You don’t want to be killed off in any show, really.

Who is the new actor on Shortland Street?

Madonna Diaz (Marianne Infante) clashes with her nursing colleagues on her first day at Shortland Street. Xavier Horan’s new role as Ferndale’s charismatic Māori health consultant Ihaka Herewini is, it seems, just what the doctor ordered for the former Westside star.

Who plays Talia on Shortland Street?

Marlina Rogers

Talia Kruse
Shortland Street character
Portrayed by Marlina Rogers
Duration 2004
First appearance 7 September 2004

Is TK from Shortland Street married?

After moving to the GP clinic he and Sarah got together and married in 2007, shortly after TK reconciled with his estranged mother Liz (Rima Te Wiata).

How old is TK from Shortland Street?

Benjamin Mitchell (born 7 July 1979), is a New Zealand actor best known for his role as Dr. TK Samuels in the soap opera Shortland Street….

Benjamin Mitchell
Born 7 July 1979 New Zealand
Occupation Actor
Years active 1990 – present
Spouse(s) Kate McMahon (m. 2020)

What happened to Zara on Shortland St?

On July 23 It was revealed three months later that Zara was killed soon after being kidnapped. However in the final moments of September 8 episode after the departure of her daughter this was revealed to be untrue she is alive and well it was then revealed that she is pregnant.

What happened to Sarah on Shortland Street?

In mid 2014 Sarah began researching a killer virus and ultimately ended up getting engaged to TK once again. However, in August, upon finally discovering the illness’ cure, Sarah’s MS relapsed and she contracted it herself and died after a tearful farewell to TK and Tillie.

Is Billy on Shortland Street a boy or girl?

Prominent characters Harper and Drew welcomed their baby, Billy, during Wednesday night’s episode. Billy was later revealed to be intersex, an umbrella term that includes over 30 conditions where the sexual anatomy or the chromosomes are not the standard male or female.

Who is Damon’s sister on Shortland Street?

Brynley Stent’s character Kelly-Anne Johnson is the sister of Damo (Grant Lobban) on Shortland Street.

Who is Prince from Shortland Street married to?

star Becky McEwan
Shortland Street star Becky McEwan marries her Prince, but on-screen she’s carrying someone else’s baby |

What happened to Kylie Shortland St?

As the Shortland Street cameras stopped rolling last December, it was the end of a chapter for Kerry-Lee Dewing after nearly eight years playing nurse Kylie Brown. “It’s the relationships with cast and crew that are the hardest thing to say goodbye to,” admits Kerry-Lee, who departed on screen last Friday.

Who is Sarah Potts in Shortland Street New Zealand?

Sarah Potts (Shortland Street) Dr. Sarah Marjorie Potts is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, who was portrayed by Amanda Billing from her first appearance in September 2004 until the character’s on-screen death in August 2014.

Who is the actress in Shortland Street New Zealand?

Amanda Billing (born January 1, 1976) is famous for being soap opera actress. She currently resides in New Zealand. New Zealand actress who played the known role of Doctor Sarah Potts in the New Zealand Soap opera Shortland Street.

Who are the actors in Shortland Street TV show?

Shortland Street(1992– ) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by Geoffrey Cawthorn (216 episodes, 2011-2021) Ian Hughes (209 episodes, 2015-2021) Richard Barr (178 episodes, 2011-2020) Jacqueline Nairn

What happens to Marj in Shortland Street 25th anniversary?

The 25th anniversary of Shortland Street saw familiar names return. She later dies from complications. Meanwhile, back in town for Chris’ birthday bash Marj (Elizabeth McRae), the original Shortland Street receptionist, returns for one last stint behind the reception desk before quietly dying.