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What is the word for something that is true?

What is the word for something that is true?

OTHER WORDS FOR true 1 factual, veracious. 3 honest. 4 trustworthy; staunch, constant, steady, unwavering. 7 faithful.

What’s another word for true statement?

What is another word for true statement?

fact truthful statement
truth truthful speech

What is another word for where?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for where, like: in which, in what place?, at which place?, at which point, anywhere, in what direction?, wherever, in whatever place, whither, at which and toward what?.

What is a true statement?

A statement is true if what it asserts is the case, and it is false if what it asserts is not the case. For instance, the statement “The trains are always late” is only true if what it describes is the case, i.e., if it is actually the case that the trains are always late.

What is a true statement in math?

A true statement is one that is correct, either in all cases or at least in the sample case. For example, the number three is always equal to three. It’s also equal to six divided by two. Any variable, like x, is always equal to itself.

How can I say its true?


  1. actually. adverb. used for emphasizing what is really true or what really happened.
  2. certainly. adverb. used for emphasizing that something is definitely true or will definitely happen.
  3. clearly. adverb.
  4. simply. adverb.
  5. literally. adverb.
  6. evidently. adverb.
  7. honestly. adverb.
  8. surely. adverb.

Why do people say this is true instead of that is true?

If the speaker you are with says something that is true, it would make more sense to say “This (what you said) is true.” and use “That is true.” when talking about something a third person (other than the speaker and listener) said that is true.

Which is another word?

What is another word for which?

what which one
which ones which exactly
which in particular which specifically
what in particular which of these
which of those which particular one

What is a defined word?

The definition of a word is a letter or group of letters that has meaning when spoken or written. The definition of a word is a letter or group of letters that has meaning when spoken or written. An example of a word is dog. An example of words are the seventeen sets of letters that are written to form this sentence.

What is a simple statement?

A simple statement is a statement which has one subject and one predicate. For example, the statement: London is the capital of England. is a simple statement. London is the subject and is the capital of England is the predicate.

Which is a true statement about a 45 45 90 Triangle?

Question: Which is a true statement about a 45-45-90 triangle? Each leg is times as long as the hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is times as long as either leg.

How is the word’true’used in a sentence?

Examples of True in a sentence. The teacher told us that it was true that dinosaurs existed, but I had my doubts. 🔊. My mother told me to only speak what is true and never tell lies. 🔊. In class were learning about the difference between what is true and what is not based on facts. 🔊. Because it was based on a true story,

Is the sentence ” this sentence is false ” true or false?

But if “This sentence is false” is false, then the sentence (asserting something about a sentence, i.e. a linguistic entity) “agrees” with the way the things are, and this means that it is true. Again, we have reached a contradiction.

What is the meaning of the adjective true?

Adjective Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. If their predictions are true, we’ll be in for a long winter. Is it true that you were planning to go without me?

Which is the correct definition of a sentence?

A sentence is a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses. The Four Types of Sentence. There are four types of sentence.