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What is the short story The Monkeys Paw about?

What is the short story The Monkeys Paw about?

The Monkey’s Paw is a story about a mystical charm, a monkey’s paw that is brought into the home of the White family by Sergeant Major Morris, who has served in India. The monkey’s paw has the ability to grant 3 wishes to 3 people. He has been dead for 10 days, again after the wish, nothing happens immediately.

What is the moral of the story The Monkey’s Paw?

One of the most obvious moral lessons in “The Monkey’s Paw” is to be careful what you wish for: It just might come true. The curse of the claw is based on this premise. The paw’s wishes always come true, but apparently only in a cruel and, sometimes, deadly manner.

What are the 3 wishes in the monkey’s paw?

Using the supernatural powers of “The Monkey’s Paw”, the Whites make a wish for money, receive the money after their son is involved in a fatal accident, wish for his return, and finally wish for his disappearance.

What was the 3 wishes in the monkey’s paw?

What is the major theme in the monkey’s paw?

The main themes in “The Monkey’s Paw” are fate, the unknown, and grief and loss. Fate: Through the conceit of the monkey’s paw, the story explores the importance of fate in human life. The unknown: The story dramatizes the tension between the known and the unknown, showing the dangers of the latter.

What is a monkey’s paw wish?

The monkey’s paw is a symbol of desire and greed—everything that its owner could possibly wish for and the unrestricted ability to make it happen. This power makes the paw alluring, even to unselfish people who desire nothing and have everything they need.

What is the result of his first wish on the paw?

The first wish made by the Whites is made in laughter and little hope – they don’t believe in the paw, but are drawn to wish anyway, for the fun. Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds. The consequence is that Herbert is killed in an accident at work and the family receives the 200 pounds in compensation.

What is the irony in the monkey’s paw?

The irony in “The Monkey’s Paw” is that the Whites get the opposite of what they expected. They believe that the monkey’s paw will bring them blessings, whereas in fact it only brings them curses.

What is so special about the paw?

The monkey’s paw is special because it can satisfy three wishes at the same time it curses the person who wished. The story tells us that nobody can change the happenings of life.

Why does Mr White fear his son again?

Mr. White also probably felt a huge sense of guilt and dred at the possibility of facing his son after wishing for the money. White was afraid of the curse of the Monkey’s Paw and would rather live with the result of one bad wish than the result of more than one bad wish.

How much money does Mr White wish for?

Mr. White is the elderly man who buys the monkey’s paw and uses it to wish for two hundred pounds (British money) in order to pay off the loan on his house.

What is the moral of “the Monkey’s Paw”?

The moral of “The Monkey’s Paw” is that you should be careful what you wish for, otherwise you might just get it. Sadly, this message is lost on the Whites, who mistakenly believe that they can control fate.

What is the main idea from the story the monkeys Paw?

The main purpose of the short story, “The Monkey’s Paw” is to explore the dangers of wishing. In the short story, Sergeant-Major Morris gives what seems like a fanciful tale about a magical monkey’s paw. According to the story, the paw can grant wishes, but Sergeant-Major Morris warns that the paw is dangerous. Click to see full answer.

What is the mood of the story The Monkey’s Paw?

Another mood found in Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” is light-heartedness. The family takes the story of the paw as entertaining and fun rather than seriously at first. It’s as if it was just a good spooky story told in front of the fire rather than non-fiction.

What was the most frightening moment of the Monkey’s Paw?

The most frightening single moment in “The Monkey’s Paw” occurs in Part III when Mr. White goes downstairs to get another candle. At his wife’s insistence, he has wished for his son Herbert to return. Click to see full answer.