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What is the second longest river in Kent?

What is the second longest river in Kent?

The Stour has Kent’s second largest catchment area (the River Medway having the largest). The lower part of the river is tidal; its original mouth was on the Wantsum Channel, an important sea route in medieval times….River Stour, Kent.

Great Stour
• location Pegwell Bay

What river flows through Canterbury?

Great Stour
Great Stour, river in the county of Kent, England. It flows through The Weald, past Ashford, to Canterbury and Sandwich.

How many rivers are in Kent?

Four major rivers drain the county of Kent, England.

Where does the River Stour Kent start and end?

Pegwell Bay
River Stour/Mouths

Why is Medway not in Kent?

Are the Medway Towns part of Kent? Just that Medway opted out of being under Kent County Council control back in 1998. Keen to have more control over its roads and services, Medway Council was formed by the amalgamation of Gillingham Borough Council and Rochester-upon-Medway.

How many people have died in the River Medway?

The 11 lives tragically taken by the River Medway. Sign up to our daily newsletter for all the latest Kent stories and breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. Numerous calls to increase safety measures around the River Medway have followed a string of deaths in the water.

Can you walk along the River Stour?

The walk can be completed over a long weekend or in shorter sections. The Stour Valley walk meanders through the Kent Downs AONB from the source of the River Stour in Lenham to Canterbury. Follow the green ‘Stour Valley’ walking signs that feature the Stour walk’s heron symbol.

Can you swim in the River Stour?

Experienced swimmers can enter the River Stour in several places, including a mooring platform near the Fordwich Arms. This a lovely place to swim amongst wildlife, with fish visible in the clear water. Follow up your swim with a gentle walk to Reed Pond.

Are there 2 River Stours?

There are five River Stours situated in England, one each in the counties of Dorset, Kent, Suffolk, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. There is much controversy and debate as to where the name Stour originates, with historians believing that the word could come from three different language groups.

Is Medway a poor area?

Medway’s worst ranking SOA is in River ward, this area is ranked in the most deprived 4% of SOAs nationally. Of the 16 SOAs ranked in the most deprived 20% nationally, three are in Luton & Wayfield and three are in Chatham Central. A little over 37,000 residents of Medway are ‘income deprived’.

Why is Rochester not in Kent?

Due to an administrative oversight, it lost its city status in the process, a mistake that was apparently only discovered by the Rochester Society four years later when it noticed it had been omitted from the Lord Chancellor’s list of UK cities.

Can you swim in the River Medway?

On the northern border of High Weald AONB, the River Medway just south of Leigh offers an open stretch of river that catches the sun. Although the banks are quite steep, the water is deep enough for a good swim, and the footpath follows the riverbank for some way, so you can find the perfect spot for a dip.

Where does the Medway River start and end?

River Medway. The main river in Kent, it measures approximately 70 miles and enters the county through its western extremity, flowing eastwards and then towards the north east, finally reaching the North Sea, where it flows through the Thames Estuary.

Why are the rivers in Kent so important?

From irrigation to navigation and building water mills, rivers have provided a propitious environment for survival since Kent´s earliest stages of human development. In terms of formation, the rivers flowing through Kent are mainly chalk rivers, which are prevalent in the south-east of England and are of superior quality in many regards.

Which is the natural border between London and Kent?

Constituting the natural border between the district of London and Kent, it measures less than three miles (two miles and three quarters) and consists of the joined waters of River Darent and River Cray, which merge at Dartford Lock.

Are there any rivers that flow into the English Channel?

Two rivers, Thames and Rother, have a limited impact on Kent as they only border it for along a relatively small area. As its source is located in East Sussex, River Rother juxtaposes with a short fraction of its border with Kent and flows into the English Channel at Rye Bay. River Rother is only partially navigable.