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What is the scientific name for tree?

What is the scientific name for tree?

Unlike common tree names where the species is often named first; for example, red oak, blue spruce, and silver maple – the scientific genus name is always named first; for example, Quercus rubra, Picea pungens, and Acer saccharinum.

What is the Indian tree?

Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree Not many people know but the banyan tree is also the national tree of India.

How many types of tree are found in India?

18000 types of tress species are found in India.!!

What is the scientific name of Banyan tree?

Ficus benghalensis
Banyan/Scientific names
Banyan, (Ficus benghalensis), also called Indian banyan or banyan fig, unusually shaped tree of the mulberry family (Moraceae) native to the Indian subcontinent.

What is scientific name of Banyan Tree?

What is name of trees?


Scientific Name Family Common English Name
Bauhinia purpurea Mountain Ebony/Purple orchid tree
Thespesia populnea Portia tree
Acacia catechu Leguminosae Black catechu
Acacia arabica Leguminosae Black catechu

What is the famous tree in India?

Banyan is the national tree of India. Trees in India have a sacred place in the scriptures as well and many trees are worshipped.

What are the common names of Indian trees?

States State Common name Binomial name Karnataka Sandalwood Santalum album Kerala Coconut Cocos nucifera Madhya Pradesh Banyan Ficus benghalensis Maharashtra Mango Mangifera indica

Which is the first state tree in India?

States State Common name Binomial name Andhra Pradesh Neem Azadirachta indica Arunachal Pradesh Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpus Assam Hollong Dipterocarpus macrocarpus Bihar Sacred fig (Peepal) Ficus religiosa

Which is the fastest growing tree in India?

Neem tree or Neem is also popularly known as the Nimba tree, Indian lilac, miracle tree and by many other names. The Scientific name of the neem tree is Azadirachta indica. It is one of the fastest-growing trees and can reach a height of about 90-98 ft and sometimes 131 ft and its diameter may reach about 66–82 ft.

What do you know about the Indian Bean Tree?

Indian Bean Tree Quick Facts Name: Indian Bean Tree Scientific Name: Catalpa bignonioides Origin Southeastern United States in Alabama, F Colors Green when young turning to brownish as Shapes Long slender capsule, nearly cylindrical