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What is the price of rock breaker?

What is the price of rock breaker?

What is the best price of Hydraulic Rock Breaker per Piece?…Questions & Answers on Hydraulic Rock Breaker.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker Price Range No of Products(%)
Rs 530000 – 2000000 61%

How does a hoe ram work?

How Does A Hoe Ram Work? All hydraulic hammers work on the principle of hydrostatics or hydraulics. The powerful hammer, with a compartment of pressurized, non-compressible hydraulic oil, is positioned on a tractor or excavator.

How do I choose a rock breaker?

Selecting a hydraulic breaker

  1. Match the breaker to the project. Simply attaching a larger breaker to your excavator will not guarantee better results on a jobsite.
  2. Choose the right tool for the job.
  3. Avoid blank firing.
  4. Make protective housing a top priority.
  5. Insist on auto-adjusting impact.

What is hydraulic rock breaker?

A Rock Breaker, which may also be known as a hydraulic hammer, or hydraulic breaker, is an attachment designed to break the earth and shatter rocks into smaller, more manageable fragments.

What does Jackhammering do to your body?

Operating a jackhammer or any handheld tool that vibrates exposes the body to pulsing and shaking that can affect circulation in the hands and fingers. Over time, this can permanently damage the blood vessels, nerves and muscles in the hand and arm. The shoulders and neck can also be affected.

How much does a hydraulic breaker cost?

Breaker attachment costs vary widely, from around $5,500 to around $17,000 on average. The main factors that determine price include weight, size, manufacturer, vendor, and impact class, but lube systems and add-ons also play a role.

What does hoe ram mean?

A breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing hard (rock or concrete) structures. Breakers are often referred to as “hammers”, “peckers”, “hoe rams” or “hoe rammers”. These terms are popular and commonly used amongst construction/demolition workers.

How does a hydraulic rock breaker break down?

The breaking process of a hydraulic rock breaker starts with opening the in-port that allows high-pressure oil to act on the chamber. The piston is forced to move upward, compressing N² gas in the back head.

Why is an accumulator used in a rock breaker?

The accumulator is used to immediately compensate the lost pressure from the creating of hammering energy. Most rock breakers come with a fully enclosed housing of its parts not only to protect them from debris and various materials, but to ensure they will last for a long time.

What are the different types of rock breakers?

In general, there are two types of hydraulic rock breakers: inner valve type and outer valve type. Both types have few main components in common, such as the cylinder, which is the main component of any hydraulic rock breaker. The piston is also featured in both types and it serves to convert the kinetic energy into hammering energy.