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What is the name of the deepest trench on Earth?

What is the name of the deepest trench on Earth?

The Mariana Trench
The Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, is the deepest location on Earth. According to the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the United States has jurisdiction over the trench and its resources.

Where is Mariana Trench?

the Pacific Ocean
The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean is so deep your bones would literally dissolve. What’s down there in its black, crushing depths? Somewhere between Hawaii and the Philippines near the small island of Guam, far below the surface of the water, sits the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot in the ocean.

Why is the Mariana Trench so deep?

One reason the Mariana Trench is so deep, he added, is because the western Pacific is home to some of the oldest seafloor in the world—about 180 million years old. Seafloor is formed as lava at mid-ocean ridges. When it’s fresh, lava is comparatively warm and buoyant, riding high on the underlying mantle.

What is deeper trench or ridge?

Trench: very deep, elongated cavity bordering a continent or an island arc; it forms when one tectonic plate slides beneath another. Ridge: underwater mountain range that criss-crosses the oceans and is formed by rising magma in a zone where two plates are moving apart.

Has anyone made it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

On 23 January 1960, two explorers, US navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard, became the first people to dive 11km (seven miles) to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Who owns Mariana Trench?

the United States
Because Guam is a U.S. territory and the 15 Northern Mariana Islands are a U.S. Commonwealth, the United States has jurisdiction over the Mariana Trench.

Where are deep sea trenches found?

Deep-sea trenches generally lie seaward of and parallel to adjacent island arcs or mountain ranges of the continental margins. They are closely associated with and found in subduction zones—that is, locations where a lithospheric plate bearing oceanic crust slides down into the upper mantle under the force of gravity.

What are the different types of geological trenches?

Types and uses. Geology. Some trenches are created as a result of erosion by running water or by glaciers (which may have long since disappeared). Others, such as rift valleys or more commonly oceanic trenches, are created by geological movement of tectonic plates. Some oceanic trenches include the Mariana Trench and the Aleutian Trench.

Which is the deepest trench in the Indian Ocean?

The Diamantina Trench. With a maximum depth of 8,047 meters (26,401 feet), it’s the deepest part of the Indian Ocean, and it’s the eleventh deepest trench in the world. If the base of Mount Everest was at the same depth, its peak would form an island with a maximum elevation of about 900 meters (3,000 feet).

How are ocean trenches formed by the continental boundary?

Ocean trenches formed by this continental-oceanic boundary are asymmetric al. On a trench’s outer slope (the oceanic side), the slope is gentle as the plate gradually bends into the trench.

How are trenches used in the civil engineering field?

Trench. In geology, trenches are created as a result of erosion by rivers or by geological movement of tectonic plates. In the civil engineering field, trenches are often created to install underground infrastructure or utilities (such as gas mains, water mains or telephone lines ), or later to access these installations.