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What is the largest Hispanic group in Miami?

What is the largest Hispanic group in Miami?

Cuban-Americans remain the largest Hispanic group, about 60 percent of the one million Hispanic residents in Dade County, Miami’s metropolitan area.

Where are the Hispanics from in Miami?

According to a Pew Hispanic report, about 13 percent of Miami-Dade’s Latinos are from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and 32 percent are from other Central and South American countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras and Brazil.

Where do most Hispanics in Florida come from?

Cubans and Puerto Ricans together make up almost half of Florida’s Latino population. Other sizable Latino groups include South Americans (17.9%), Mexicans (13.5%), Central Americans (10.7%), and Dominicans (4.8%); all other Latinos make up 3.6% in total.

What is the majority race in Miami?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Miami, FL are White (Hispanic) (63.8%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (13.5%), White (Non-Hispanic) (13.3%), Other (Hispanic) (3.81%), and Black or African American (Hispanic) (2.11%).

What city in Florida has the highest Hispanic population?

Detailed List Of The Most Hispanic Cities In Florida

Rank City % Hispanic
1 Hialeah Gardens 96.06%
2 Hialeah 95.91%
3 Sweetwater 95.51%
4 West Miami 92.32%

What percentage of Miami is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  16.9%  16.7%
Female persons, percent  50.5%  51.4%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  76.1%  79.0%

What percent of Florida is Latino?

Population and national origin

U.S. Rank2
Total Hispanic population in Florida 4,790,000 3
Hispanics as percent of state population 24% 6
Hispanics as percent of U.S. Hispanic population 8.7% 3
U.S.-born Hispanics (percent of Hispanics) 52% 49

What percent of Miami is black?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Miami was: White: 76.11% Black or African American: 16.79%

Is Miami a good place to live?

Miami is a beautiful and scenic city in the sunshine state of Florida, with stunning beaches, and plenty of residential areas including apartment complexes, houses, and townhouses, as well as shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. By many standards, that all makes for an excellent living location.

What state has lowest Hispanic population?

The two youngest states by median age, South Dakota (23) and North Dakota (24), have among the smallest Hispanic populations in the country. Each has fewer than 40,000 Hispanics.

Where do most Mexican live in USA?

About 61 percent of Mexican Americans live in just two states, namely California (36%) and Texas (25%). According to the 2010 census, the distribution of Mexican Americans in the United States by region is: 51.8% live in the West, 34.4% in the South, 10.9% in the Midwest, and 2.9% in the Northeast.