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What is the Greek suffix of metry?

What is the Greek suffix of metry?

word-forming element meaning “process of measuring,” Middle English -metrie, from French -metrie, from Latin -metria, from Greek -metria “a measuring of,” from -metros “measurer of,” from metron “measure,” from PIE root *me- (2) “to measure.”

What words end with metry?

8-letter words that end in metry

  • geometry.
  • symmetry.
  • biometry.
  • zoometry.
  • isometry.
  • maumetry.
  • udometry.
  • odometry.

What does the suffix metry mean in medical terms?

to measure
Suffix meaning to measure.

What are some words with Greek roots?

Greek Root Words

Root Meaning Examples
aqu water aquarium, aquatic, aqualung
auto self automatic, automate, autobiograph
biblio book bibliography, bibliophile
bio life biography, biology, biodegradable

What does Asis mean in English?


Acronym Definition
ASIS American Society for Industrial Security
ASIS Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (anatomy)
ASIS Ada Semantic Interface Specification
ASIS Access Security Information Subfield

What is a merty?

1 : full of gaiety or high spirits : mirthful eat, drink, and be merry. 2 : marked by festivity or gaiety a merry holiday time.

What does the word metry mean?

Metry is defined as having to do with measurement. An example of metry is biometry, which is a calculation of a likely human life span. Process or science of measuring.

What are some geo words?

10 letter words containing geo

  • geographic.
  • outrageous.
  • courageous.
  • geothermal.
  • geophysics.
  • changeover.
  • geoscience.
  • curmudgeon.

Which word part means esophagus?

The word comes from the Greek word oisophagos, which means gullet, from the roots oisein, meaning to carry, and phagein, meaning to eat. In British English, the spelling is oesophagus.

What are the Greek roots in English?

Greek and Latin Roots

Greek Root Meaning English Words
arche/archaeo primitive, ancient, origin archaic, archaeology
auto self autobiography, autoimmune
biblio books, of books bibliography, bibliophile
bio life autobiography, biology

What are common roots?

Common Roots is a Melbourne-based collaboration empowering and uniting people through dance, ritual and creative arts.

What mas o menos mean?

mas o menos (spanish for “more or less”): more or less, so-so, neither here nor their, mediocre.

Which is the correct root metr or metry?

The metr in words like metrics, geometry, and metronome is not a separate root, but simply a variant of meter (from the Greek metron “measure” or metra “portion”). The common suffix -metry specifically means “measurement,” as used in telemetry “measurement from a distance” and geometry “measurement of land.”

Where does the prefix meter come from in Greek?

It comes from a confusion between the two roots μέτρησις and μετρητής. The first means “meter” as a unit of measure, how tall you are for instance. The second means “portion”, what you are given in a fast-food for instance.

What does the metry suffix mean in math?

The common suffix -metry specifically means “measurement,” as used in telemetry “measurement from a distance” and geometry “measurement of land.” The -metric suffix is simply the adjectival form of -meter ( parametric) or -metry ( asymmetric “no equal measurement”). Thanks!

Where can I find list of Greek roots?

The following table lists some common Greek roots, rrefixes, and suffixes. The following table gives a list of Greek prefixes and their basic meanings. Words and word roots may also combine with suffixes.