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What is the environment like for giraffes?

What is the environment like for giraffes?

Giraffes live in the dry savanna and dry open woodland areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Their habitat needs to have a good supply of trees — they flock towards acacia trees in particular. Giraffes use their extremely long legs, necks and tongues to browse on the leaves and buds.

How does climate change affect giraffes?

Climate change impacts like droughts, habitat loss and spread of diseases has led to increased conflicts in wildlife areas. Habitat loss has drastically reduced populations of giraffe that were once widespread across the continent.

What type of shelter does a giraffe need?

So giraffes make their homes in wide open grasslands, or savannas, which are grassland areas with some trees.

What are abiotic factors for a giraffe?

(c) A giraffe is an example of a vertebrate. Physical and chemical features are abiotic factors. Abiotic factors include resources living organisms need, such as light, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, good soil, and nitrogen, phosphorous, and other nutrients.

Why are giraffes losing their habitat?

Giraffes face mounting threats from habitat loss and fragmentation: Growing human populations and urban development — and the accompanying increase in agriculture, mines, and other extractive industries — are destroying giraffes’ homes and converting their habitat for human use.

What kind of environmental pressures do giraffes have?

What environmental pressures do giraffes have? Some environmental pressures are lack of food, droughts, and also carnivores. Availability of food. With droughts and global warming available vegetation can be limited. Q: What environmental pressures do giraffes have?

Are there any giraffes that are endangered in the world?

Although giraffes are not considered to be an endangered species, several sub species have been classified as endangered, largely due to loss of habitat. Thankfully, though, most of these do thrive on the reserves and national parks that remain available to them.

Why is the giraffe population on the decline?

They attribute this decline to man-related problems (poaching, habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation). Concerted efforts are underway to combat this severe impact on the giraffe population, however these concerns impact all endemic native animal populations.

Which is an example of an environmental pressure?

Environmental pressure is something that could affect the health or life of an animal. For example, the environmental pressures for an animal could be a shortage of water, shortage of food, shortage of space, and predators. What environmental pressures does a cactus have?