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What is the declassification process?

What is the declassification process?

Declassification is the process of ceasing a protective classification, often under the principle of freedom of information. Procedures for declassification vary by country. Papers may be withheld without being classified as secret, and eventually made available.

What does declassification of documents mean?

transitive verb. : to remove or reduce the security classification of declassify a secret document.

What does U Fouo mean?

For Official Use Only (FOUO) is a document designation, not a classification. This designation is used by Department of Defense and a number of other federal agencies to identify information or material which, although unclassified, may not be appropriate for public release.

What are the types of declassification?


  • Methods of Declassification. There are three primary ways by which classified information is declassified:
  • Automatic Declassification.
  • Systematic Declassification Review.
  • Mandatory Declassification Review.

What is declassification action?

The automatic declassification process increases the potential release of formerly classified national security information to the general public and researchers, enhancing their knowledge of the United States’ democratic institutions and history, while at the same time ensuring that information which can still cause …

What is a scheduled declassification?

Scheduled. Scheduled declassification occurs if, at the time the information is originally classified, the OCA is able to set a date or event for declassification. The information is then scheduled to be declassified on that date or when the event occurs.

What is systematic declassification?

Systematic declassification means the review for declassification of classified information contained in records of permanent historical value. DOT organizations periodically review classified documents contained in these records for possible declassification.

Can you take FOUO home?

FOUO information should be handled in a manner that provides reasonable assurance that unauthorized persons do not gain access. FOUO documents may be destroyed by shredding or tearing into pieces and discarding the pieces in a regular trash container unless circumstances suggest a need for more careful protection.

Is there still FOUO?

U.S. Department of Defense The term “FOUO” had been defined in DoDM 5200.01 Vol 4. It is no longer in the replacement document except as a reference to not requiring a “U” marking in the banner or footer signifying unclassified information as was required with the “old FOUO marking” (para 3.4.

What type of declassification process is a way for members of the public?

Mandatory Declassification review is a way for members of the public to request the review of specific classified information. Mandatory Declassification review is a way for members of the public to request the review of specific classified information. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What type of declassification process is a way for members of the public to request the review?

MDR is a mechanism through which the public can request declassification review of classified records, regardless of age or origin, subject to certain limitations set forth in E.O. 13526.

Is the document you are working on ready for declassification?

A document you are working on is ready for declassification. You have checked with the OCA responsible and the declassification date has not changed. How will the banner markings on the document change?

How old does information have to be to be declassified?

The presumption is that 25 year old information is declassified unless it clearly falls under one or more of the 9 exemption categories in section 3.3 (b) of the Order and has been specifically exempted by an agency head or senior agency official. WHAT IS THE AUTHORITY FOR AUTOMATIC DECLASSIFICATION?

How can I get access to declassified documents?

You can request access under the mandatory declassification review ( MDR) process of Executive Order 13526, as amended, or under the FOIA. If your FOIA request is denied by the Inspector General submit a written appeal to the Archivist.

Can a IOC be listed on a declassified document?

A type of event such as “IOC” will appear in the “Declassify On” line only on an originally classified document. False When filling out the classification authority block of a newly declassified document, it is acceptable to list a personal identifier if the identity of the declassification authority is classified.