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What is the consequences of having a high sky?

What is the consequences of having a high sky?

Answer: Physically , the advantage of having a high sky is that if the sky is low the clouds cover everything up resulting to a lot of damage and lack of oxygen which is obviously no one would survive.

Why the sky is so high Summary?

Finally, the sky had had enough of the dust and being hit by the old woman’s broom. Sneezing and coughing, thundering and raining, the sky flew higher and higher until the dust couldn’t reach it and swore never to come down again. And that is why the sky is so high.

Why the sky is high genre?


Genre/Form: Juvenile works Juvenile literature
Additional Physical Format: Online version: Chorengel, Marla Yotoko. Why the sky is high. Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines : Bookmark, ©1990 (OCoLC)644019673
Material Type: Fiction, Juvenile audience
Document Type: Book

What does the sky symbolize in the three selection of why the sky is high?

The sky represents freedom and open spaces. The blue color of the sky has a calming attribute. A stormy sky may symbolize the unbalance of the spirit, a bad mood, or depression.

Why the sky is high what made God the Father angry?

While acting, one of the actors, who was drunk, tried to show his skill, but he forgot that the sky was so low. When he darted his spear, he happened to pierce the sky, and one of the gods was wounded. This angered God the Father: so he raised the sky as we have it today far from the earth.

Why the sky is high Author?

Marla Yotoko Chorengel
Why the Sky is High/Authors

Why was the old woman angry at the sky answer?

But the more she swept, the more the dust swirled around her. The sky began to choke with all the dust that the old woman was causing with her sweeping. This made the old woman very angry.

Is the sky your friend?

Yes, Sky is our friend. Next time when such questions are asked please give an appropriate reference. Explanation: The sky as we all know since childhood is the celestial dome.

Why was ingat and Daskol named?

In the early days, when the sky was still low, two brothers named Ingat and Daskol lived with their parents on Earth. As their names indicate, Ingat was careful in everything he did and was, therefore, his father’s right hand man.

What was the old woman angry at the sky?

Why do u like your friends?

A best friend is so special because they stay by your side through thick and thin. They know all of your secrets, have seen you at your worst, forgiven you for your mistakes, and STILL show up the next morning. A best friend is so special because you have time invested in your relationship.

Why do we like friends?

‘Friends’ is like real life, but a little bit better. The characters have relatable problems with dating, looking for work,and struggling with their parents’, but everything is fine and everything works out.” And it’s not just Americans who can relate.

What are the pros and cons of a skylight?

Benefit #1: Extra Daylight. One of the most positive aspects of having a skylight is that it brings extra daylight into a room, particularly during the winter months when days are shorter, there are fewer hours of sunlight, and the sun is at a lower angle than during the summer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sky wave propagation?

And in order to overcome these two disadvantages, sky wave propagation is used. It allows the propagation of electromagnetic waves of higher frequency from one end to another at a larger distance than ground wave propagation. And it does so by reflections of the wave from the ionosphere. Thus sometimes referred as ionospheric wave propagation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of skyscrappers?

The symbolism of the tower could be something like a tragedy happened in that spot and they are making its spot and naming the building after it. This could be a major advantage for the city cause it could be a major attraction to the city which intern would bring in more money to the city.

What are the benefits of having a skylight in a bedroom?

Some skylights come with shades or coatings to prevent overheating. With no windows on the walls of this bedroom, natural light enters through a skylight on the gabled roof. Finally, skylights have the potential to either dramatically enhance a design or act as the main design feature in a space.