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What is the attraction between like molecules?

What is the attraction between like molecules?

An attraction between molecules of the same substance is called cohesion. One of the most common examples of cohesion exists between water molecules,…

What are the attractive forces between molecules?

There are several types of attractive intermolecular forces:

  • Dipole-dipole forces,
  • London dispersion forces,
  • Hydrogen bonding, and.
  • Induced-dipole forces.

What causes molecule attraction?

Debye (permanent–induced dipoles) force These induced dipoles occur when one molecule with a permanent dipole repels another molecule’s electrons. A molecule with permanent dipole can induce a dipole in a similar neighboring molecule and cause mutual attraction. Debye forces cannot occur between atoms.

When do you change the attraction between molecules?

As you know, when you boil something, you are changing it from a liquid to a gas which means you would want to decrease the attraction among the molecules of the substance by adding energy. If a substance has intermolecular forces Intermolecular forces ar the forces between the molecules of a substance.

What is the attraction between identical and different molecules called?

This is the same between identical and different molecules. At macroscopic level, the attraction between different compounds is called adhesion (liberally translated as clinging to), and the attraction that keeps structures of identical compounds together is called cohesion (clinging together). 4.6k views.

Are there any forces of attraction between particles of a gas?

There are no forces of attraction or repulsion between gas particles . Attractive forces are responsible for particles of a real gas condensing together to form a liquid. It is assumed that the particles of an ideal gas have no such attractive forces. The motion of each particle is completely independent of the motion of all other particles.

What is the force of attraction between polar molecules?

The force of attraction between unlike molecules is adhesive Force. What kind of attraction force is present between polar molecules?