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What is Charles Sturt most famous for?

What is Charles Sturt most famous for?

Charles Sturt, (born April 28, 1795, Bengal, India—died June 16, 1869, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England), Australian explorer whose expedition down the Murrumbidgee and Murray rivers (1829–30) is considered one of the greatest explorations in Australian history.

Who went with Charles Sturt on his expedition?

An exploratory trip as ordered by the new Governor, Sir Ralph Darling was to the north-west of Sydney. Sturt accompanied by Hume travelled along the Macquarie and discovered the Darling River in northern New South Wales.

How did Captain Charles Sturt die?

How did Charles Sturt die? Sturt had suffered poor health since his second expedition. A combination of extreme heat in the Australian summer, a lack of food and water and the effort required to row upriver, against the current left him blind for several months.

When did Charles Sturt begin and end the expedition?

(28 April 1795 – 16 June 1869) With the approval of the Governor of NSW, Sturt set out to explore the Australian continent. His first expedition, in 1828, followed the Macquarie River through the Macquarie Marshes to the Darling River, traversing the region of the Macquarie, Bogan and Castlereagh Rivers.

Where is Charles Sturt buried?

Charles Sturt

Birth 28 Apr 1795 India
Death 16 Jun 1869 (aged 74) Cheltenham, Cheltenham Borough, Gloucestershire, England
Burial Cheltenham Cemetery and Crematorium Cheltenham, Cheltenham Borough, Gloucestershire, England
Plot Grave section T 3767
Memorial ID 14659403 · View Source

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Who was the first member of Charles Sturt’s party?

It was not, however, until 10 November that the party started out. It consisted of Sturt, his servant Joseph Harris, three soldiers and eight convicts; on 27 November Sturt was joined by Hamilton Hume as his first assistant. Hume’s experience proved to be very useful.

Who was in Charles Sturt’s second expedition?

On 3 November 1829 the second expedition left Sydney. In Sturt’s party were George Macleay, son of the colonial secretary, Harris, Hopkinson, Fraser and Clayton, who had all been in his first expedition, and several soldiers and convicts.

How many sons and daughters did Charles Sturt have?

Sturt’s health had been very variable and on 16 June 1869 he died suddenly. He was survived by his widow, two sons, Colonel Napier George Sturt, R.E. and Major-General Charles Sheppey Sturt, and daughter Charlotte.

Where did Charles Sturt get his name from?

As well as the Sturt River in Adelaide, and Charles Sturt University, Sturt’s name has been given to the splendid floral emblem of South Australia that abounds over much of the country he explored on his inland expedition, Sturt’s Desert Pea. You have reached the end of the main content.