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What is a word for giving an example?

What is a word for giving an example?

What is another word for to give an example?

for example case in point
namely to give an instance
viz. i.e.
specifically take for example
in other words like

What is the synonym of for example?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for for-example, like: for-instance, to illustrate, such-as, to give an example, as an example, as a case in point, like, to cite an instance, by way of illustration, as a model and e.g..

Is for example formal?

Notice that for example is best when referring to more concrete things, and for instance is better at referring to collections or abstract entities. They are mostly interchangeable, though. In American English, for example is more common and less formal.

What is synonyms give 10 examples?

Synonym Examples H-M

  • happy – content, joyful, mirthful, upbeat.
  • hardworking – diligent, determined, industrious, enterprising.
  • hate – abhor, loathe, detest, despise.
  • honest – honorable, fair, sincere, trustworthy.
  • however – nevertheless, nonetheless, yet.
  • hypocrisy – duplicity, falseness, deceit.

What can I say except for example?

“For instance …” “For example” and “for instance” can be used interchangeably.

  • “To give you an idea …” Use this phrase to introduce a use case or example.
  • “As proof …”
  • “Suppose that …”
  • “To illustrate …”
  • “Imagine …”
  • “Pretend that …”
  • “To show you what I mean …”
  • What is a good transition word?

    And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance.

    What is unfamiliar word?

    a : not well-known : strange an unfamiliar place. b : not well acquainted unfamiliar with the subject. Other Words from unfamiliar Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About unfamiliar.

    What is a good sentence for except?

    “Everyone is invited except Sam.” “We’re open every day except Saturday and Sunday.” “I got everything correct except for one problem.” “Everyone except Nancy passed the test.”

    How do you write except?

    Both except and except for are correct after a noun:

    1. I like all fruit except (for) oranges. (
    2. Except for Louisa, who’s away in Berlin this weekend, we’ll all be at the party.
    3. She likes going to most sports events, except cricket matches.
    4. The brothers are very alike, except (that) Mark is slightly taller than Kevin.

    What is another word for ” to give an example “?

    Synonyms for to give an example include for example, case in point, for instance, as an illustration, by way of illustration, to illustrate, namely, to give an instance, viz. and i.e.. Find more similar words at!

    What is the definition of the word example?

    1 : something to be imitated : model Try to set a good example. 4 : something that is a warning to others Let his punishment be an example to you. Love words?

    How to give an example in a sentence?

    Another way to get longer phrases out of them is to give them key words that they should compete in groups to make longer and longer sentences with. These should be words that are used in many sentences above like “example” and “give”.

    What’s the difference between an example and an example?

    instance, case, illustration, example, sample, specimen mean something that exhibits distinguishing characteristics in its category. instance applies to any individual person, act, or thing that may be offered to illustrate or explain.