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What is a normal PSA level for a 58 year old man?

What is a normal PSA level for a 58 year old man?

The normal PSA value is usually stated to be less than 4.0. However, because of the fact that benign enlargement of the prostate gland tends to occur as men get older, an age-adjusted scale has been developed: 0-2.5: Normal for a man 40-50 yrs. 2.5-3.5: Normal for a man 50-60 yrs.

Does a PSA of 7 mean cancer?

Your cancer may be medium risk if: your PSA level is between 10 and 20 ng/ml, or. your Gleason score is 7 (grade group 2 or 3), or. the stage of your cancer is T2b.

What does a 7.5 PSA level mean?

The PSA level becomes abnormal when it’s 50% higher than what would be expected – based on the prostate’s size. For example, an “abnormal” PSA for a man with a 30cc prostate is 4.5 or above. Abnormal PSA for a 50cc prostate is above 7.5. For a 100cc gland, PSA would need to be above 15 to create a concern.

What is considered a bad PSA level?

Although PSA levels between 4.0 and 10.0 are considered “suspicious,” there is only a 25% chance that you have prostate cancer. If your PSA levels are 10 ng/mL or higher, these levels are considered “dangerous.” This means your chances of having prostate cancer are 50%.

Is a PSA level of 6.9 high?

PSA levels under 4 ng/ml are generally considered normal, while levels over 4 ng/ml are considered abnormal. PSA levels between 4 and 10 ng/ml indicate a risk of prostate cancer higher than normal. When the PSA level is above 10 ng/ml, risk of prostate cancer is much higher.

Is there a normal PSA level after age 70?

Age-Specific PSA normal ranges use different age-specific cut-offs to interpret the results of PSA tests. However, negative biopsies can still occur even after adjusting for age, especially in men over 70 years of age (Catalona et al., 2000).

Can a man have prostate cancer with a normal PSA level?

Men can have prostate cancer even if they have a normal PSA level. But cancer is more likely with an elevated PSA level. When PSA levels are: Below 4: 15% chance of prostate cancer. Between 4 and 10 (the borderline range): 25% chance of prostate cancer. Above 10: More than 50% chance of having prostate cancer.

What does it mean when your PSA level is 6?

The PSA level 6 is a grey zone number, however the men over 50 may show PSA 6 as their normal value due to their advanced age. Infection to prostate gland, as the PSA still under level 10. PSA 6 after repetition of the blood test mean physiological causes and not a cancer marker.

What does percentage of free PSA stand for?

Percentage of free total PSA measures the ratio of the different forms of PSA. For instance, BPH associates with elevated PSA because BPH occurs predominantly in the inner portion of the prostate with higher PSA levels. In contrast, prostate cancer is commonly within the peripheral zone where pro-PSA is elevated.