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What is a female coward?

What is a female coward?

a person who is not brave and is too eager to avoid danger, difficulty, or pain: They branded her a coward for informing on her colleagues during the interrogation.

What do you call a coward person?

Some common synonyms of cowardly are craven, dastardly, and pusillanimous. While all these words mean “having or showing a lack of courage,” cowardly implies a weak or ignoble lack of courage.

What does a coward do?

The definition of a coward is a person who lacks courage and turns away from danger. An example of coward is a man who runs the other direction after seeing a person who needs help.

How would you describe a coward?

a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. lacking courage; very fearful or timid.

What is cowards way?

euphemism To kill oneself; to commit suicide. His father was millions of dollars in debt, but rather than face up to his obligations, he just took the coward’s way out.

How does a coward behave?

Cowards avoid taking bold, decisive action because it makes them uncomfortable. Then, they rationalise why they didn’t do what they really needed to do. It’s easier to avoid taking action (at least in the short term), and it’s also a sure path to mediocrity and stagnation.

What color represents coward?

color yellow
Why is the color yellow associated with cowardice? O Matt: Today I was watching Gunsmoke, and one cowboy called another “yellow,” alluding to cowardice.

Which three things make person coward?


  • He fears honesty.
  • He avoids strong people.
  • He hangs out with weak-minded people he thinks he can take advantage of.
  • He manipulates words to manipulate people.
  • He never apologizes.
  • He lay blames on everyone and everything else.

What is the opposite coward?

Opposite of lacking courage or morals. brave. courageous. bold. daring.

What color represents cowardice?

Is coward a character trait?

Typical personal character traits An example of a positive personal character trait is courage. Its opposite, negative trait is cowardice.

Is it bad to be a coward?

Is it bad to be a coward? No, sometimes cowardice can save your life. People will often despise you for it though. A coward avoids dangerous and unpleasant things and thus is more likely to be unharmed in certain situations.